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Kidney Transplant Unit Objectives

  Kidney Transplant Unit Objectives

          The Students or Nurses will be posted in kidney transplant unit for a period of time.

General Objectives :

          By the end of posting students or nurses will gain knowledge and skills in caring for clients with various genito urinary conditions and requiring kidney transplant unit. They will also gain skills in handling the equipment and instruments used in the unit.

Specific Objectives :

          By the end of the posting students or nurses will
  1. Learn the physical set-up of unit.
  2. Gain knowledge about the equipment used in the unit.
  3.  Gain knowledge of the various genito urinary disorders.
  4. Acquire knowledge on specific treatments such as kidney transplant, lithotripsy, renal artery embolism.
  5. Able to describe etiology, clinical feature, diagnostic evaluation and patho physiologcal changes in each disorder.
  6. Provide effective nursing care of patients undergoing kidney transplant, pre and post renal transplant.
  7. Learn the sign and symptom of transplant rejection and effect on donor.
  8. have knowledge of various drugs, their doses, route of administration used for patients of genito urinary disorders.
  9. Learn the patient preparation and post procedure care in GIVP, KUB, cystoscopy, renal angiogram, renal scan and urine test.
  10. Gain sound knowledge of diets prescribed in conditions like nephritic syndrome, ARF, CRF, urolithiasis, glomerulo nephritis.
  11. Provide complete physical, spiritual, emotional support and promote the health status of the patient and the family members.
  12. Able to maintain healthy IPR and good communication skills with patients and their family members and with other health team.
  13. Give health education to patients and family members and prepare the patient for discharge. 

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