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Pharmacology Objectives


1. Describe pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, classification and the principles of drug administration.

2. Explain chemotherapy of specific infections and infestations and nurses responsibilities.

3. Describe antiseptics, disinfectants, insecticides and nurses responsibilities.

4. Describe drugs acting on gastrointestinal system and nurses responsibilities.

5. Describe drugs used on respiratory system and nurses responsibilities.

6. Describe drugs used on urinary system and nurse’s responsibilities.

7. Describe drugs used in de-addiction, emergency, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, poisoning, for immunization and immunosuppressant and nurses responsibilities.

8. Describe drugs used on nervous system and nurses responsibilities.

9. Describe drugs used on cardio-vascular system and nurses responsibilities.

10. Describe drugs used on hormonal disorders and supplementation, contraception and medical termination of pregnancy and nurse’s responsibilities.

11. Demonstrate awareness of common drugs used in alternatives system of medicine.

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