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Emergency Department Objectives

Emergency Department Objectives

          The Students or Nurses will be posted in Emergency department or casualty for a period of time.

General Objects:

          By the end of posting students or nurses will gain in-depth knowledge and skills in caring for clients with various medical and surgical emergency situations and will also again skills in handling the equipment and instruments used in the Emergency department or casualty.

Specific Objectives :

By the end of the posting students will
  • Learn the physical set-up of Emergency department or casualty.

  • Assist in various types of emergencies and CPR.

  • Learn the protocols in cardiac arrest, road traffic accidents, burns, diarrhea and dehydration and other acute emergencies e.g.

  • Learn the monitors used in Emergency department or casualty.

  • Learn about all the emergency equipment, emergency trolley, emergency drugs- adrenaline, atropine, lignocaine, aminophylline, anti snake venom, morphine, pethidine, KCL etc. and drug calculations.

  • Learn I/V fluid composition, management and I/V fluid calculations e.g. Ringer lactate, Dextrose 10%, Dextrose 25%, ½ strength normal saline.

  • Able to set up the emergency trolley.

  • Act quickly and intelligently in emergency situation.

  • Keep sound knowledge in identifying the priorities in patients as well as in providing treatment.

  • Use time, manpower and equipment effectively in providing patient care.

  • Able to prevent accidents to patients and the spread of infection or cross infection to the patient.

  • Able to establish and maintain healthy and effective communication skills with patient, their family members and other team members.

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