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Community Health Nursing (CHN) Objectives


General Objective:

                  By the end of the course students should acquire knowledge and develop proficiency in caring for patients in the community setting.

Specific Objective:

By the end of the course students are able to

1. Recall the components of community health nursing.

2. Reviews the administrative set up of PHC and function as a member of health team while rendering health care services.

3. Participates in various health programmes.

4. Practices principles of home visit.

5. Identifies the need, assesses the problem in the community.

6. Plans care on short term and ling term basis for individuals, family and community.

7. Implements the planned activities on priority basis.

8. Treat the minor ailments.

9. Observe environmental sanitation and personal hygiene.

10. Identifies the socio-economic and nutritional status of the family.

11. Identifies cases of communicable diseases, STD, leprosy, and renders referral services and follow up care.

12. Describe about community welfare services which can be helpful to the individuals and families.

13. Recording the patient’s information correctly.

14. Plans family folders in alphabetical order.

15. Evaluate the work done by her in the community and make suggestion for better work.

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