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Male Staff Nurse

Male Staff Nurse

  • Nursing is seen by most people in world wide’s job.
  • Historically, men actually played the larger role. It was male nurse  who created the field back in 250 B.C.
  • World’s first nursing school was started  in India.
  • However, in the last 40 years, the number of male nurses across the world have started to rise.
  • A key part of the health industry is making the patient feel comfortable while describing their symptoms and receiving care.
  • Male Nurses position in taking care of patients and being in health care industry all around the world is not new and goes far back to medieval times and there is recorded evidence of males’ skill and care 
  • The demand for male nurses is expected to steadily increase as the health care reform laws take effect and the population begins to age. 
  • However, in the last 40 years, the number of male nurses across the world have started to rise.
  • Nursing is a best career option for men interested in the medical field, and here’s is a great time to become a male nurse.
  • “One day, men might actually make up 50 percent of the nursing workforce…That would be true gender inclusion and balance.”
Male Staff Nurse
Male Staff Nurses

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Definition : 

          The word 'Communicate' comes form Latin. Communication is a process of exhange / transfer of information ( Includes Ideas, Emotions, Knowledge, data and skills etc.) from one person or person to another or others.

          It can be defined as a process of sharing or exchange of ideas, information, knowledge attitudes or feeling among two or more persons to elicit the desired/intended response.

3."The transfer of conveying of meaning" ( Oxford Dictonary )
4."Transmission of stimuli" ( Colin Cherry ).
5."One mind affecting another" ( Claude Shanon )

Communication is : 
7% what you say ( words )
38% How you say it ( volume, pitch, rhythm, etc )
55% Your body language ( facial expressions, posture, etc )

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Communication and Educational Technology

ibis Academy

Ibis Academy

About Institution : 

          Ibis Educational Services is a subsidiary of Ibis International Pvt. Ltd. with operations spread across US, UK and UAE for over a decade. Ibis Group stands for providing quality education, thereby empowering the youth to land in their dream careers. Ibis  functions with the concept of " all under one roof ", covering across all the major disciplines of Hospital administration, Nursing - Abroad courses like MOH,DHA,HAAD and Prometric. In our India chapter, we offer Language Training courses like IELTS and OET coaching to help candidates build a career abroad.

Courses Offered For Nurses:

2) OET
3) MOH
4) DHA
6) Prometric
8) BLS

Address :

Rowdha Tower, 3rd Floor
Above Passport Seva Kendra, Near Railway Station
Thrissur, Kerala 680004, India.

Contact Details :

Cell         :   09645433331, 09645433332.

Email      :   info@ibisacademy.in

Website   :  http://ibisacademy.in/

ibis academy for nurses

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CCL Staff Nurse Question Paper 2017

Central Coalfield Limited (CCL) Staff Nurse Question Paper 2017

00. Which of the following procedure always requires surgical procedure
a) Vaginal irrigation
b) Urinary catherization
c) Nasogastric tube insertion
d) Colostomy irrigation

Answer   :   

02. Endoscopic catheters are sterilized by
a) Autoclaving
b) Boiling
c) Hot air oven
d) 2% glutraldehyde

Answer   :

03. Most common type of birth injury
a) Bone injury
b) Muscle injury
c) Intracranial injury
d) Softtissue injury

Answer   :   

04. The length of large intestine is
a) 2 feet
b) 5 feet
c) 3 feet
d) 4 feet

Answer   :   5 feet

05. A condition of being free from pathogenic organisms or infection
a) Asepsis
b) Antisepsis
c) Apathogenesis
d) Disinfection

Answer   :   Asepsis