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Finger Exercises

Finger Exercises

          Day to day life we are using fingers in different way of works like writing, Typing, Driving ( Steering ), Cutting vegetables, Stitching, in this way we are using hands and fingers in various works.

          Doing like these continuous and regular works with fingers may get pain, contraction of joints, and weakness of muscle, leads to loss of holding capacity of fingers.

          To prevent these type of conditions finger exercises are more helpful. By doing regular( daily four times )  finger exercises with two hands makes improve movement of fingers and as well as decrease fingers pain. 

          Types of Finger exercises are

1. Stretching of Fingers
2. Fist Clamping
3. Claw Clamping
4. Fold Strengthening
5. Thumb Stretching
6. Gluten Clay game

TMC Staff Nurse Question Paper 2018

Tata Memorial Center Staff Nurse Question Paper 2018
Held On 22-04-2018

01. Potassium Normal Level 
Ans : 3.5 - 5.0 mEq/L

02. Route of BCG Administration
Ans : Subcutaneous 

03. Plasma expanders are used in
Ans : Shock and hemorrhage

04. Isotonic Solution
Ans : 0.9% Nacl, D5W, RL

05. NG tube conformation
Ans : Chest X ray

06. Tracheostomy priority diagnosis
Ans :

07. Sterilization of disposal syringes
Ans : Using Gama radiation

08. Fiber optic endoscopy instruments are kept in
Ans : 2% gluteraldehyde

09. wilms tumor assessed by
Ans : Abdominal

10. Rigor mortis
Ans : stiffening of  muscles and joints of body

11. Kussmaul respiration
Ans : Gradual increase in depth and rate

12. Nuchal rigidity is seen in
Ans : Meningitis

13. Which aminoglycoside causes most ototoxicity
Ans : Streptomycine

14. Hypoxia
Ans : Deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue.

15. Thrombocytopenia
Ans : Low blood platelets count

16. Patient with epilepsy and feeling tingling sensation and rose smelling what is the cause
Ans :

17. Teaspoon volume
Ans : 5ml

18. Negligence
Ans :

19. ICP first symptom
Ans : Headache

20. IOP present in 
Ans : Glaucoma

21. Least ignored Lumbar puncture
Ans :

22. ICP treated with
Ans : Mannitol

23. Why diuretics are given in morning only
Ans :

24. In glomerulonephritis what is the symptom of renal failure
Ans : Oliguria

25. Loss oxygen in tissues
Ans : Hypoxia

26. Laryngeal causes first symptom
Ans :

27. Crohns disease affect to the organ is
Ans : Terminal illium

28. Most common cause of appendicitis
Ans : 

29. Colostomy patient diet
Ans : Soft diet

30. Health education of self monitoring of glucose
Ans : Primary

31. In COPD patient with neck vein distention with peripheral edema what is the affected organ
Ans : Corpulmonale

32. Checking optical pulse with stethoscope should be placed at
Ans :

33. A HTN patient complaints of chest pain even at resting condition. What is the nurses action
Ans : Rest and inform doctor

34. Digoxin treatment given at
Ans :

35. Unconscious patient position at oral care
Ans : Lateral Position with head turned to the side - side lying

36. Consciousness of patient checked by
Ans : Glassgowcoma

37. Enema Position
Ans : Left side position

38. OP poisoning antidote
Ans : Atropine

39. Heparin antidote
Ans : Protamine sulphate 

40. Insulin over dosage drug of choice
Ans : Octreotide

41. Nurse fails to give medication
Ans : Negligence

42. A patient of Parkinsonism complaints of hand shaking continuously what is the nursing action
Ans : Object holding

43. Doctor prescribes oral and nasal secretion suction what is the priority of suction
Ans :

44. Physical examination of abdomen
Ans :

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Held On 11-03-2018

Section : 1 General Abilities Paper I

01. Who among the following presidents of India NOT hailed from the present Indian states
1. K.R Narayanan
2. V.V. Giri
3. R. Venkataraman
4. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Answer : V.V. Giri

02. Which is the biggest long term risk of radiation exposure
A. Cancer
B. Liver cirrhosis
C. Brain stroke
D. Jaundice

Answer : Cancer

03. One of the following is NOT a demographic features of India
A. Rapidly decreasing density
B. Large size and continuous growth
C. Sex ration composition unfavourable to female
D. Dominance of rural population

Answer : Rapidly decreasing density

04. For the first time in Telangana, peak power demand crossed the following mark ( In MW ) in February 2018
A. 8,000
B. 10,000
C. 9,000
D. 11,000

Answer : 10,000

05. Find the missing number in the following
A. 6
B. 2
C. 8
D. 9

Answer : 8

06. "Metallic yellow" is non-permitted colour commonly used in the adulteration of the following
A. Fanta cool drink
B. Sweets, tur dal & turmeric
C. Biryani
D. Ghee

Answer : B

07. Find the next number in the sequence
A. 50
B. 60
C. 45
D. 53

Answer : 60

08. Asia's biggest well is being dug as a part of kaleshwaram project at
A. Sundilla, Peddapalli district
B. Kataram Hills, Jayashankar-Bhoopalapalli district
C. Tippapuram Hills, Rajanna-Siricilla district
D. Annaram, Jayashakar-Bhoopalapalli district

Answer : Tippapuram Hills, Rajanna-Siricilla district

09. Who headed the congress Party's four member committee on Telangana
A. A.K. Antony
B. Pranabh Mukharjee
C. Digvijay Singh
D. Veerappa Moily

Answer : A.K. Antony

10. According to 'India State of Forest Report 2017', which of the following states show the trend of maximum increase in forest cover
A. Jharkhand & Odisha
B. Chattisgarh, Telangana & Tamil Nadu
C. Andhra Pradesh, karnataka & Keraa
D. Himachal Pradesh & Uttarkhand

Answer : Andhra Pradesh, karnataka & Keraa

11. Who among the following visited India in February 2018
A. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
B. Tonny Abbot, Foreign Minister of Australia
C. Edward Ruskin, President of Canada
D. Macolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia

Answer : Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

NMDC Staff Nurse Question Paper 2018

NMDC Staff Nurse Question paper 2018
Notificaiton No : 05/2018

01. Blood clot is prevented by
A. Vitamin K
B. Heparin 
C. Thrombin
D. Platelet

Answer :

02. Emergency Gland is 
A. Pitutary gland
B. Adrenal gland
C. Pancrease
D. Testis

Answer : Adrenal gland

03. WHO established in
A. 1948
B. 1942
C. 1857
D. 1912

Answer : 1948

04. Vitamin C deficiency leads to
A. Scurvy

Answer : Scurvy

05. Cartilage is madeup of
A. Chondrocytes
B. Fibrinogens
C. Cartilage
D. Elastin

Answer : Chondrocytes

06. Pulse pressure increased in condition is
A. Tachycardia
B. Hemmorage
C. Hypertension
D. Heart failure

Answer : 

07. Diabetis mellitus is caused due to the deficiency of 
A. Insulin
B. Galctose

Answer : Insulin

08. Consumption of alcohol leads to
A. Vitamin deficiency
B. Liver cirrohosis

Answer : Liver cirrohosis

09. Which of the content is more digested in the stomach part
A. Carbohydrates, 
B. Proteins,
C. Fats
D. Vitamins

Answer : 

10. Balanced diet means
A. Proteins 3/4, Carbohydrates 1/2, Fats 1/4.
B. Carbohydrates 3/4, Proteins 1/2, Fats 1/4
C. Carbohydrates 1/4, Proteins 3/4, Fats 1/2
D. None of above

Answer :

11. Head Nurse is called as
A. Dean
B. Physician
C. Metron
D. Sister

Answer : Metron

12. Bile produced from
A. Gall bladder
B. Pancrease
C. Liver

Answer : Liver

13. The hormone insulin is produced from
A. Pitutary 
B. Pancrease
C. Thyroid

Answer : Pancrease

14. Disposable of syringe is
A. Prevent the cross infection
B. Prevention of injury
C. None of the above

Answer : 

General Knowledge Questions 

01. Who is the first CM of Chhattisgarh

02. Who is the present CM of chhattisgarh

03. When chhattisgarh state formed

04. Who is the first president of chhattisgarh

05. How many assemblyes in dantewada

06. How many polling stations in dantewada

07. How many colleges in dantewada

08. How many Community Health centers in dantewada

09. Danteshwari temple is ruled by
A. Kakatiya rulers

10. Madai festival celebrated in the month of
A. Januvary ( Karna and charama )

11. Kiran bedi associated to

12. The most circulated news paper in dantewada

13. The high grade amount of ore available in chhattisgarh
A. Hematite

14. How much production done NMDC in the year of 2017

15. How many bank branches are in the dantewada

16. Which is the bank present in the dantewada rather than nationalized banks

17. In which date chhattisgarh got the National Literacy award from vice President
A. 8th Sep 2017

18. The district collector of dantewada get a Prime ministers award for 
A. Cashless village or Digital village

19. Pot production takes place in the district of dantewada is 
A. Kirandul

20. In which areas of dantewada does not contain a railway station

21. How many centers are allotted for conduction open school exams

22. Who is the first collector of dantewada