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AIIMS Raipur Admit Card 2019

AIIMS Raipur Admit Card 2019


Exam Date : 31-08-2019

Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Features : 

  • Non Mercury 
  • Clinically Tested
  • With Fever Alert
  • Auto Switch Off
  • Highly Accurate
  • Measurement in F & C
  • Memory Function
  • Fast Measurement
  • Easy to read LCD Display
  • Can be used in Oral Cavity. rectal and Under the armpit.

How to Use Digital Thermometer :

  1. Press Power Switch to turn on the unit.
  2. Place the thermometer under the tounge or the under arm and wait for beeper sound.
  3. Read Temperature.
  4. Press Power Switch to turn off the unit.

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  • Infrared Thermometer.



What is prescription

          Prescription means "Pre written"  in this case of medicine applies to the set of instructions written before putting the Medicine into action, and those set of instructions here are essentially a recepie for making the medication.

In early days their is no large no of pharmaceutical companies. The prescription is very different than now a days.

The Doctor is used to write complete set of instructions for the pharmacist to prepare the drug.

The pharmacist  prepare the medicine in his pharmacy and dispense it to the patient.

Hospital Attendant

Hospital Attendant

Educational Qualification : 

         A Hospital Attendant require minimum 10 class for doing job in a hospital.

Age : 

          The minimum age 18 years required for the hospital Attendant.

Role and Responsibilities :

  • Keeping hospital wards or dispensaries in hygienic condition.
  • Helping the patients in sponging, changing movement for diagnostic tests and treatment.
  • Taking pathology samples to pathology department.
  • Assisting Nursing staff in bed making, serving food, taking and handing over articles, pantry articles.
  • Bringing Indents from Pharmacy Stores. 

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