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Medical Ward Objectives

Medical Ward Objectives

          The students will be posted in Medical ward for a period of time.

General objective :

          By the end of the posting students will gain knowledge and skills in caring for clients with various medical and surgical conditions and will also gain skills in handling the equipment used in the ward.

Specific objectives :

By the end of their posting students will

  1. Learn the physical setup of the ward.
  2. Gain knowledge and skills in the use of equipment used in the ward.
  3. Gain skills in the insertion of various procedures done in the ward like folly catheter insertion, Ryle’s tube insertion, I/V cannula etc.
  4. Learn and gain skill in administering medication by various routes e.g.IV, orally, infusion, ng tube etc.
  5. Gain skills in the assisting during emergency diagnostic and therapeutic procedures e.g. CPR, lumber puncture etc.
  6. Able to take care of oncology patients.
  7. Able to take care of various types of trauma cases.
  8. Complete expected requirements such as care plan, case plan, case studies and other procedures and present one case for clinical presentation.
  9. Learn the specific protocols followed in the ward and in various diseases.
  10. Maintain nurse’s notes for each patient and provide specific health education to each patient.
  11. Learn the admission and discharge policies followed in the ward.
  12. Provide complete physical, spiritual, emotional, and promote the health status of the patient and the family members.

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