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Patient Safety Goals

Patient Safety 

Patient Safety :

          Patient Safety is the fundamental principle of health care. Every point in the process of patient care poses a certain risk.

Objective :

          Objective of patient safety is ' Do no harm to patient'. 

Goals : 

Goal 1 : Identify Patients Correctly

Use two identifiers – Name and Hospital identification No.(IP No.) whenever performing a procedure / treatment such as Giving Medications, Transfusion of  blood and blood products, taking blood samples or other specimens for clinical testing and prior to a any transport outside the ward / unit.

Goal 2 : Improve Effective Communication

Person receiving any of the following :
  • Verbal Order
  • Telephone Order
  • Reporting of critical test results must use a verification “READ BACK” of complete orders or test results.
The complete verbal and telephone order or test is written down and read back by the receiver and confirmed y the individual who gave the order or test result.

The orders written in Medication sheet will be stated as “ordered by” or “telephone order by” with the name of the doctor giving the order. These orders must be conuntersigned by the doctor who had given the order with in 24 hours.

Goal 3 : Medication Safety – Improve The Safety Of Using Medications

  • Label all medications, medication containers, and other solutions on and off the sterile field in medications to be stored separately with proper labeling ( Orange color sticker ) & verified prior to dispensing and administering.
  • Reduce the likelihood of patient harm associated with the use of anticoagulant therapy.
  • Maintain and communicate accurate patient medication information.

Goal 4 : Ensure Correct Site, Procedure & Patient Surgery 

WHO Surgical safety checklist to be followed.
  • Pre procedure verification process to be conducted.
  • Mark the procedure site.
  • To perform a ‘TIME OUT’ before the procedure.

Goal 5 : Reduce The Risk Of Health Care Associated Infections

Promotion Of Infection Control : The most ideal way to prevent and control these infections is through proper hand hygiene.

Goal 6 : Reduce The Risk Of Patient Harm Resulting From Fall

Fall risk assessment to be done at the time of initial assessment. Use of Bed side rails & safety belts ( while carrying patient on wheel chair ) to be ensured.


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