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Pediatric Generalward Objectives

Pediatric General ward Objectives

General objectives :-

         By the end of the pasting I  will gain adequate basic skills by applying the knowledge gain in the care of children with various disorders and assess the growth and development of these children.

Specific objectives :-

  • To Gain skills in assessing  the normal growth and development of children in various age group.
  • To observe any deviation  from the normal in growth and development  of children suffering with medical and surgical  conditions
  • Assist other health team members in doing common  diagnostic and therapeutic  procedures  for  children
  •  Gain skills in calculating  pediatrics drugs and iv fluids requirements and administering  the  correct dosage for the children
  • Provide care based on the specific needs and problems of the child
  • Skillfully carry out nursing  interventions for the childs.
  • Provide  health education related to the normal growth and development  and other aspects of child  health care to the mother or mother substitutes
  • Apply the nursing process in the care of children in all aspects of care
  •  Provide play therapy for the child according to their age group  and stimulation requirement
  • Council and educate  parents on child care
  • Provide pre and post operative care to the children with common pediatric medical and surgical condition.

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