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Natural Milk

Natural Milk

Uses :

  • Consuming milk in the night ( Bedtime ) promotes the sleep. Because milk containing tryptophan it acts as a sedative and induces the sleep.
  • Milk contain more amount of Vitamin B12.

Best time to eat :

  • Best time to drink morning and night, 
  • It cleans the system and makes you shit better in the morning. If you drink in morning it makes you feel like farting during the day more.

  • Our body needs vitamin D (which is primarily synthesized through contact of Ultraviolet B rays(from the sun)with your skin to absorb calcium, so it is better to drink at morning.
  • Drinking milk at night for better sleep because it has melatonin that triggers sleep.
  • Early morning is the best time to drink milk. Milk is digested with the sun's heat. Ideally, milk should be consumed 3 hours before going to bed. Never go to sleep immediately after drinking milk.
  • For age 21 yrs oldThis is wrong body don't digest milk in the evening specially powder milk. Bad for kidney calcium deposit turn into stones.

01. Natural Milk contain poor of this vitamin
A. Vitamin - B
B. Vitamin - D 
C. Vitamin - C
D. Vitamin - E
Answer : Vitamin C

2. Media of transmission of bovine type of tubercle bacilli:
(a) Milk
(b) Water
(c) Air
(d) Food 
Answer : Milk

3. Which of the following is significantly different between human and cow's milk
A. Proteins and fat
B. Proteins and sugar
C. Proteins and lactose
D. Minerals

Answer :


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