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Natural Milk

Natural Milk

Uses :

  • Consuming milk in the night ( Bedtime ) promotes the sleep. Because milk containing tryptophan it acts as a sedative and induces the sleep.
  • Milk contain more amount of Vitamin B12.

Best time to eat :

  • Best time to drink morning and night, 
  • It cleans the system and makes you shit better in the morning. If you drink in morning it makes you feel like farting during the day more.
  • Our body needs vitamin D (which is primarily synthesized through contact of Ultraviolet B rays(from the sun)with your skin to absorb calcium, so it is better to drink at morning.
  • Drinking milk at night for better sleep because it has melatonin that triggers sleep.
  • Early morning is the best time to drink milk. Milk is digested with the sun's heat. Ideally, milk should be consumed 3 hours before going to bed. Never go to sleep immediately after drinking milk.

  • For age 21 yrs oldThis is wrong body don't digest milk in the evening specially powder milk. Bad for kidney calcium deposit turn into stones.

Multple Choice Questions on Milk :

01. Natural Milk contain poor of this vitamin
A. Vitamin - B
B. Vitamin - D 
C. Vitamin - C
D. Vitamin - E
Answer : Vitamin C

2. Media of transmission of bovine type of tubercle bacilli:
(a) Milk
(b) Water
(c) Air
(d) Food 
Answer : Milk

3. Which of the following is significantly different between human and cow's milk
Answer :
A. Proteins and fat
B. Proteins and sugar
C. Proteins and lactose
D. Minerals
Answer :