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Small Intestine

Anatomy Of Small Intestine

  • It is composed of duodenum jejunum and ileum.
  • Duodenum is the initial part of small intestine.
  • It is ‘C’ shaped. It is divided into 4 parts.
        - First or superior part, 5cm length.
        - Second or descending part, 75cm length.
        - Third or horizontal part, 10cm length.
        - Fourth or ascending part, 2.5c, length.
  • Within the concavity of duodenum, head of the pancreas will be present.
  • The bile duct and main pancreatic duct together will open into the second part of the duodenum at the major duodenal papilla 2cms above this the accessory pancreatic duct will open at the minor duodenal papilla.
  • Arterial Supply : Superior and inferior pancreatic duodenal arteries.
  • Venous Drainage : Into the portal vein.
  • Lymphatic Drainage : Into the superior mesenteric group of lymph nodes.
  • Nerve Supply : Vagus nerves.

Applied Anatomy :

Duodenal Ulcer : An ulcer can also form in the part of duodenum which is called as duodenal ulcer.

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