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1. Rhythms require permanent pacing in patients with cardiac disorders include:
A. Supraventricular tachycardia
B. Second-degree Av block : Mobiz Type I
C. Complete heart block
D. Wolf-Parkinson White syndrome

2.The controlling or master gland(s) of the body is(are) the
A) adrenal medulla and cortex
B) testes and ovaries
C) hypothalamus and anterior pituitary
D) pancreas
E) thyroid and parathyroid

3.The endoithelium is located in the
A tunica interna
b tunica media
c tunica externa
d vasa vsorum

4.The histology is the study of
A cell and membrane b skin
B organs d tissue

5.The caloric density of alcohol is ____ kcals per gram.
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

6.Pulmonary tuberculosis is more common in following associated disease except
A. Aids
B. Diabetes
C. Chronic renal failure
D. Mitral stenosis

7.Most common site of matastasis in the lungs carcinoma is
A. Brain
B. Kidney
C. Adrenal
D. Testes

8.In primary tuberculosis, all of the following may be seen except
A. Cavitation
B. Caseation
C. Calcification
D. None

9.All of the following feature seen in the viral pneumona except
A. Presence of interstitial inflamation
B. Predominance of alveolar exudate
C. Bronchiolitis
D. Multinucleate giant cell in the bronchiolar wall

10.Burr cell is seen in
B. Hepatocellular carcinoma
C. Gastric carcinoma
D. Ovarian carcinoma

11.Absence of intra hepetic bile duct leads to which syndrome
A. Von meyenburg complexes
B. Polycystic liver disease
C. Caroli disease
D. Alagille syndrome

12.Which of the following famous Indian Scientists has/have been named amongst the top 10 Global Scientists by Nature Magazine?
Radhika Nagpal
K. Radhakrishnan
Both A & B
None of the above

13.Andrea with suspected rheumatic fever is admitted to the pediatric unit. When obtaining the child’s history, the nurse considers which information to be most important?
a. A fever that started 3 days ago
b. Lack of interest in food
c. A recent episode of pharyngitis
d. Vomiting for 2 days

14.When assessing a child’s cultural background, the nurse in charge should keep in mind that:
a. Cultural background usually has little bearing on a family’s health practices
b. Physical characteristics mark the child as part of a particular culture
c. Heritage dictates a group’s shared values
d. Behavioral patterns are passed from one generation to the next

15.While examining a 2-year-old child, the nurse in charge sees that the anterior fontanel is open. The nurse should:
a. Notify the doctor
b. Look for other signs of abuse
c. Recognize this as a normal finding
d. Ask about a family history of Tay-Sachs disease

16.The nurse is aware that the most common assessment finding in a child with ulcerative colitis is:
a. Intense abdominal cramps
b. Profuse diarrhea
c. Anal fissures
d. Abdominal distention

17.When administering an I.M. injection to an infant, the nurse in charge should use which site?
a. Deltoid
b. Dorsogluteal
c. Ventrogluteal
d. Vastus lateralis

18. A patient came to the hospital he is injury from occipital bone which is the most effective organ effect
A lungs
B heart
C eye
D kidney

19.Most common "primary" Tumor of heart is ?
A. Rhabdomyoma
B. Fibroma
C. Myxoma
D. Lipoma

20.Which of anti effective vitamin
A vit.A
B vit. B
C vit .C

21. Most common cause of blindness in India
A. glucoma
C. eye injury
D. all of them


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