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General Knowledge Questions For Staff Nurse - 04

General Knowledge Questions For Staff Nurse - 04
01.The term Heavy Water refers to?
Ans : Deuterium oxide,

02.Trachoma is a disease of the?
Ans : Eyes.

03.Full form of FERA is ?
Ans : Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.

04.Which one the following districts are well known for the cultivation of coffee?

Ans : Chikmangalur.

05.The mass density of kerosene is?
Ans : Less than water.

06.How many Articles did we have in our original constitution?

Ans : 395 Articles.

07.One horse power is equal to?
Ans : 746 Watts.

08.Mapping of the radio emissions from extra terrestrial sources is known as?

Ans :  Radio Astronomy.

09.Who was the president of India at the time of proclamation of emergency in the year 1976?
Ans : Fakruddin Ali,

10.National Institute of Homeopathy is at?

Ans : Kolkata,

11.Optics is the study of?

Ans : Nature and properties of light,

12.The pitch of the sound is measured by its?

Ans : Frequency,

13.Plants used for production of biofuel are?

Ans : Jatropa.

14.Which of the fallowing acts as a resistance against disease in body?
Ans : White corpuscles.

15.Fill form of ITPO is?

Ans : 

16.Which of the Fallowing normally warms up faster when heat is applied?
Ans : Iron.

17.A person suffering from myopia cannot see the objects at?

Ans : Longer Distance.

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