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01.Which of the following post-operative diets is most appropriate for the client who has had a hemorroidectomy?

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02. Poor man's vitamin is..
1)vitamin A
2)vitamin B
3)vitamin C
4)vitamin D
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03.The region where the lens focuses the image onto the retina is the:
a. optic nerve
b. fovea
c. pupil
d. blind spot

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04.Aids was first detected in india..
A. 1985

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05.Glycogon helps to:
A. Increase sugar in blood
B. Reduce sugar
C. Both of them
D. None of them

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06.Herpes zoster is caused by:
a. bacteria
b. virus
c. fungi
d. parasites

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07.penicillin drug is
d)all of above

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08.Inflamation of tongue is called...
he blood pressure is high in...
A) Capillaries
B) Veins
C) Arteries
D) Veins of portal system

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09.Satpura tiger reserve is in which state?
A. Andhra pradesh
B. Maharashtra
C. Telangana
D. Madhya Pradesh

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10.Who is union commerce minister of India?
A. Anand sharma
B. Kamalnath
C. Nirmla sitaraman
D. Suresh prabhu

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11.2016 olympic games are going to be held in ?
A. Sydney
B. Rio
C. Athens
D. London
E. None of the above
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12.Buddhi diwali is celebrated in which district of himachal?
A. Kangra
B. Chamba
C. Shimla
D. Sirmaur

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13.Who discovered Hadppa?
A. Rakhaldas benrji
B. M. G. Mjumdar
C. Dayaram sahni
D. Yagdut Sharma

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14.Who is the union power minister of India ?
A. Piyush goel
B. Suresh prabhu
C. Vainkaiyah naidu
D. Arun jately
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15.Who is the chairman and managing director of Air India at present?
A. P. K. Grover
B. Rohit nandan
C. Suneel badhwa
D. Vivek sood
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16.Who is the chairman and managing director of Air India at present?
A. P. K. Grover
B. Rohit nandan
C. Suneel badhwa
D. Vivek sood
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17.Raj Chaudhary Jharkhand was formed in ?
a. 2001
b. 2000
c. 2002
d. 2003
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18.Which of the following symptoms should be watched for in a patient receiving a loop diuretic?
(a)Restlessness and agitation
(b) Paresthesias.
(c)Increased blood pressure
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19.Which of the following body parts has a condyloid joint?
(a) Shoulder
(b) Elbow
(c) Wrist
(d) Forearm

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20.Which of the following is a normal finding obtained during a lymph node palpation?
(a) Hard, fixed node
(b) Firm, mobile node
(c) Enlarged tender nodes
(d)Hard, nontender nodes

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21.Which of the following is the most common pathologic finding in individuals at risk for sudden cardiac death?
(a)Aortic valve disease
(b) Mitral valve disease
(c) Left ventricular dysfunction
(d) Atherosclerotic heart disease
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22.Which of the following drugs provide relief of anxiety and decreases both preload and after load?
(a) Amrinone
(b) Morphine sulphate
(c) Furosemide

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23.Elements of primary health care
a) Promotion of food supply & proper nutrition
b) Adequate supply of safe water & sanitation
c) Maternal and child health care
d) All the above
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24.The technique is used to open O2 cylinder
a) Clock wise
b) Anti clock wise
c) Upwards
d) Downwords
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25.Which of the following activities would cause her a risk in the increase of intracranial pressure?
a) Exercise
b) Coughing
c) Turning
d) Sleeping
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26.Radio active cobalt is used
a) For surgery
b) For Drug
c) Locally treating
d) None of the above
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27.The most important factor in rehabilitation of a client addicted to alcohol is;
a) The Clients emotional or motivational readiness
b) The availability of community resources
c) The qualitative level of the clients physical state
d) The accepting attitude of client's family
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28.The major reasons for treating severe emotional disorders with tranquilizers is to;
a) Reduce the neurotic syndrome
b) Prevent secondary complication
c) Make the client amenable to physiotherapy
d) Prevent destructiveness by the client
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