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Sound Alike Medications

Sound Alike Medications

          To improve the safety of Look alike drugs in the health care system it should be stored separately with proper labeling RED color label and verified before dispensing and administering.

          When administering the Sound alike medications to the patients double checking method is avoiding the medication error and improving the patient safety.

Sound Alike Medications :

          Look alike medications are categorized into according to the drug classification. 

01. Inj : Atropine                           Inj : Adrenaline
02. Inj : Adrenaline                        Inj : Nor adrenaline
03. Inj : Dopamine                         Inj : Dobutamine
04. Inj : Vecuronium                      Inj : Pancuronium
05. Inj : Loxicard 2% 50ML          Inj : Lox 2% 30 ML
06. Tab : Clopitab                          Tab : Clopitab A
07. Tab : Ecosprin                          Tab : Disprin

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