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Child Restrains

Child Restrains 

Definition :

          Mechanical devices used to immobilize and protect child from injury or to facilitate examination, treatment and care.

Purpose :

1. to provide safety and comfort
2. To facilitate examination
3. To carry out diagnostic and therapeutic procedure
4. To keep child in desired position

Equipment :

  • Mummy restraint,
  • Draw sheet
  • Elbow restraint-Cloth with 5-6 pockets in which spatulas are kept, clove hitch not made with 4" bandage
  • Cotton pads
  • Knitted bandage

General Instructions :

1. Remove restraint periodically and examine for complications
2. Allow for some movement and massage area frequently
3. Observe for complications such as injury to brachial plexus, pressure sores, impaired circulation and compression of nerves

Procedure :

1. Explain to child/parent reason for restraining
2. Provide adequate padding before restraining
3. Apply restraint firmly and gently not tightly
4. Keep joints in anatomical position

A. Mummy Restraint :

1. Fold draw sheet into square, and fold one corner
2. Place infant supine on sheet with top of sheet at infant's shoulder line and bottom of sheet extending approximately 10 - 12 inches beyond his feet
3. Place infant's arm at side in anatomical position
4. Fold one side of sheet over body and under opposite side, tucking excess line securely under infant
5. Place other arm in anatomical position. Fold opposite side of sheet over body and under back
6. Take lower fold over infant and tuck under chin.

B. Elbow Restraint :

1. Place elbow restraint on elbow of both hands and secure with ties
2. Ensure that elbow joints are covered completely

C. Jacket Restraint :

1. Fit jacket to child with opening and tapes facing back
2. Secure tapes to chair, wheel chair or cot.

D. Abdominal Restraint :

1. Place child in supine position
2. Place abdominal restraint over abdomen of child
3. Secure tape at side of cots to keep child supine position  

E. Clove hitch ( Arm and Leg Restraint )

1. Take length of 4" bandage depending upon length needed to restrain arms or legs
2. Make two loops and place one over other
3. Slide over hand of feet over a cotton pad and tighten gently

F. Mitten :

Place mitten ( a glove shaped line bag ) on both hands and secure over wrists with ties

G. Crib net :

Place net over crib after placing baby in crib and secure ties to sides of crib.

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