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Infant Weighing

Infant Weighing

Definition :

          Qualitative expression o body mass that indicates state of growth and health. Is measured in Kilograms or pounds using infant weighing scale.

Purpose :

1. To check whether infant has adequate weight for age
2. To calculate food requirement
3. To calculate intravenous fluids and medications
4. To monitor whether infant is gaining or loosing weight depending on disease condition.

Equipment :

  • Infant weighing scale,
  • Draw sheet.
  • Conversion table ( If weighing scale is in pounds)
  • Paper and pencil for calculation.

Procedure :

1. Note infant's previous weight from record of last weighing 
2. Clean weighing pan with wet duster
3. Place draw sheet on pan in which infant is to be placed
4. Balance cale to read "zero"
6. Placed balance close to wall to prevent child from falling
7.Mummify infant with same draw sheet and place on pan
8. Nurse to place left hand over infant without touching child.
9. Note weight.
10. Lift infant from pan and help mother to dress baby.
11. Check and compare pervious days weight.
12. Difference of more than 100 gms need to be clarified by rechecking infant's weight once again.
13. If difference is still same it should informed to ward sister or doctor concerned.
14.If weight is in pounds and ounces, to be converted to kilograms using conversion table.
15. Document weight.


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