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Colonoscopic Preparation One Day Before

Colonoscopic Preparation ( One Day Before )

  • Take the first bottle add cool or normal drinking water up to the neck and mix well.

  • Start drinking 1 bottle COLOPREP liquid  from 9PM to 10PM one glass (125 ml) every 15 minutes, ONE DAY BEFORE TO PROCEDURE ).

  • And remaining 1 bottle from 6 am to 7 am on the day of procedure.

  • If you feel vomiting sensation, drink half a glass of liquid every 10 minutes.

  • You will start passing loose motions after starting liquid. Mostly in the night will get 2 -3 stools and in the morning will get 2 - 3 stools. After passing at least Four large water stools come to the hospital.

  • You can take fruit juice/coconut water after drinking coloprep liquid.

  • If procedure planned under sedation please DONT TAKE ANY LIQUIDS except COLOPREP.

  • You can take your routine morning medications, BUT SKIP DIABETIC TABs/Insulin.

  • For any clarrifications contact hospital


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