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Hyperemesis Gravidarum Nursing Care Plans

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Nursing Care Plans

Nursing Diagnosis : 

01. Deficit fluid volume  and electrolyte imbalance related to  excessive vomiting or lack fluid intake as manifested by vomiting, dry skin.

Assessment : 


The patient verbalizes that


- Nausea
- Irritation
- Vomiting
- Dry Skin

Goal :

Planning :

- Assess the level of patient condition, sign and symptoms, fluid volume deficit,   Including dry mucous membrane, dry skin, poor turgor, concentrated urine, sunken eyes, oliguria, malaise, hypotension, syncope, vertigo,
- Provide comfort position.
- Provide comfortable environment
- Administer balanced Iv fluids.
- Administer and document the medication (Metoclopramide ) as prescribed by the physician.
- Encourage the patient to increase intake of oral fluids.
- Encourage the patient to eat dry toast foods.

Rational :

- To determine the level of condition.
- To gathering the base line data.
-  For relaxation of the patient
- To prevent the dehydration of the patient.
- To prevent discomfort, irritation of the patient.
- To provide wellness of patient.

Interventions :

- Assessed the level of patient condition.
- Monitored vital signs and record.
- Provided supine position.
- Maintained quit and calm environment.
- Administered iv fluids.
- Encouraged the patient to eat dry toast food like toast bread.

Evaluation :

Images :

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