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Introduction :

Generic Name :


Brand Names : 


Availability :

Injection : 5mg/ml
Syrup      : 5mg/ml
Tablets    : 5mg, 10mg

Classification :


Action :

  • Stimulates motility of upper G.I tract,
  • Increases lower esophageal sphincter tone.
  • Blocks dopamine receptors at the chemoreceptor trigger zone.

Indication :

Emesis during pregnancy

Dosage : 

Adults : 5 - 10mg

Contra Indication :

  • Contraindicated to patients hypersensitive to drug and in those with phechromocytoma or seizure disorders.
  • Contraindicated in patients for whom stimulation on of G.I motility might be dangerous ( those with hemorrhage, obstruction, or perforation.
  • Use cautiously in patients with history of depression, parkinson's disease or hypertesion.

Adverse Effects  :

Restlessness, anxiety, drowsiness, fatigue, lassitude, fever, depression, akathisia, insomnia confusion, suicide i ideation, seizures, neuroletic malignant syndrome, hallucinations, headache, dizziness.

CV :
transient hypertension,
Hypertension on superaventricular tachycardia, bradycardia.

GI :
nausea, bowel disorders, diarrhea.

GU :
Urinary frequency, incontinence.

Hematologic :

Skin :
Rash, urticaria.

Other :
Prolactin secretion,
Loss of libido.

Nursing Responsibility / Intervention  :

  • Monitor bowel sounds.
  • safety and effectiveness of drug haven't been established for therapy lasting longer than 12 weeks.
  • when oral solution is used ( 10mg/ml) dilute in pudding, applesauce, juice, or water just before using.
  • Alert : Use diphenhydramine 25mg IV.

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