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Hand Washing Multiple Choice Questions

Hand Washing Multiple Choice Questions

Aim of hand wash :

     The aim of hand washing is to remove microorganisms from the hands, preventing their potential transfer. It is known that organisms survive and multiply on human hands, creating the opportunity to infect others or the host. 6 hand washing steps reduces the number of transient organisms on the skin surface. Although hands cannot be sterilized, most transient organisms can be removed by 30 seconds of proper scrubbing with soap and water

01.Which of the following is considered as the most important aspect of hand washing ?
(a) soap
(b) water
(c) friction
(d) Time

Answer : friction.

02. What is the time duration for soap water hand washing
a. 20-30 sec
b. 2 minutes
c. 40-60 sec

Answer : 40-60 sec

03. What is the time duration for hand rub hand washing
b.20 sec

Answer : 20 Sec

04. What is the time duration for surgical hand washing

Answer : 

05. How many step are in the hand washing procedure

a. 8 steps
b.7 steps
c. 9 steps
d. 5 steps

Answer : 7 Steps

06. Importance of hand washing

b. Prevention of infection

Answer :

07. How long hands to be rubbed together for effective hand washing
A. 1 minute
B. 15 seconds
C. 20 seconds
D. 45 seconds

Answer : C

08. When a nurse is performing a surgical hand hygiene. She must keep
A. Below elbows
B. At 45 degree angle
C. Above elbows
D. In a comfortable position

Answer : Above elbow

Description :
In Medical hand washing - hands below to elbow
In Surgical hand washing - hands above to elbow

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