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JIPMER Staff Nurse Question Paper September 2013

JIPMER Staff Nurse Question Paper September 2013

01.Which one of the following indices a nurse has to consider as an indicator of good nutrition
A. Albumin Level 2.g gm/dl
B. Pre-albumin level 18 mg/dl
C. Transferrin level 244 mg/dl
D. Total lymphocytes 1900/microliter
Answer :

2. Before endotracheal intubation some facts about trachea a nurse has to understand and all the following are true regarding trachea EXCEPT.
A. It’s about 13 cm long
B. It bifurcates into two major bronchi
C. It starts at the level of 7th cervical vertebra
D. it ends at the level of sterna angle of Louis
Answer : 

3. When assessing a patient with appendicitis how a nurse much initiate to get information
A. Tell me how you are feeling
B. Tell me relief of pain with what
C. Tell me whether cough aggravates pain
D. Tell me whether cough aggravates pain
Answer : 

4. Which guideline a nurse has to follow when caring for pressure sore
A. Wound must remain moist.
B. Tight packing of the wound
C. Dressing to dry before removal
D. Plastic sheet type of dressing for cover.
Answer : 

5. What should be the position of the limb, a nurse should maintain in a patient who had undergone right hip prosthesis surgery
A. Adduction
B. Abduction
C. Flexion
D. Neutral
Answer :B

6. When a post operative patient develops evisceration what a nurse should do
A. Provide moral support
B. Ask patient to drink more water
C. Push the protruding organs inside
D. Cover the protruding organs
Answer :C

7. A nurse is caring for an old lady with osteoarthritis and all the following facts are true regarding osteoarthritis EXCEPT
A. Crepitus
B. Tophi
C. Subcutaneous nodules
D. Pain on moving the joint
Answer : B

8. How a nurse will teach breathing exercise for a patient with chronic bronchitis
A. Use chest breathing
B. Use diaphragmatic breathing
C. Use open mouth breathing
D. Use deep inhalation breathing
Answer : A

9. A nurse caring for a head injury comatose patient, Which intervention he/she should implement to prevent increased intracranial pressure
A. Maintain well lit room
B. Maintain round the clock suctioning
C. Change the position round the clock
D. Elevate the head end of the patient
Answer : 

10. What recommendation a nurse should give to 55 yr old patient with blood pressure of 150/90 mmHg
A. It is normal BP for your age
B. Recheck your BP 2 weeks later
C. Recheck your BP after 6 months.
D. Recheck your BP after 1 year.
Answer : 

11. A nurse is caring an anemic patient. What finding should suggest her that it is acute blood loss anemia
A. Exertional dyspnea
B. Easy fatigue on exertion
C. Bradycardia at rest
D. Postural hypotension
Answer : 

12. Which patient is having very high risk for developing ovarian cancer
A. 30 yrs old on oral contraceptives
B. 36 yrs old who had first child at 22 yrs
C. 45 yrs old who was never been pregnant
D. 40 yrs old who had 5 alive children, 1 abortion
Answer : 

13. Which joint movement is restricted is a patient with pericapsulitis of shoulder
A. adduction
B. Abduction
C. Flexion
D. Extension
Answer : 

14. Maternity nurse, must be aware that screening for diabetes mellitus in pregnancy is done at
A. 6 to 17 weeks
B. 18 to 23 weeks
C. 24 to 28 weeks
D. 29 to 32 weeks
Answer : 

15. Neonate of diabetic mother is at risk for all the following Except
A. Hypoglycemia
B. Hypocalcemia
C. Hyperglycemia
D. Hyperbilirubinimia
Answer :C

Neonate Diabetic Mother Risk Factor or Complications :
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hypocalcemia
  • Hypomagnesemia
  • Iron abnormalities 
    16. Before giving blood transfusion a nurse must be not the date, time of collection and must be ware that Packed RBC’s can be stored up to
A. 25 days
B. 35 days
C. 45 days
D. 55 days
Answer : B

17. A nurse was called to see a patient with noisy breathing. She suspects laryngospasm with stridor ( High Pitched respiratory sound ) and it occurs commonly with
A. Hyperkalemia
B. Hypercalcemia
C. Hypokalemia
D. Hypocalcemia
Answer :  
18. Nurse working in an operation theater must know, the risk of HIV infection with needle stick injury is about
A. 1 : 100
B. 1 : 200
C. 1 : 300
D. 1 : 400
Answer : 

19. A nurse is caring for a patient with ‘Swine Flu’ and she has to give the drug of choice for ‘Swine Flu’ and it is
A. Acyclovir
B. Adefovir
C. Cidofovir
D. Oseltamivir
Answer : D

Oseltamivir : Oseltamivir phosphate ( Tamiflu ) is a medicine which is used to preventing the influenza.  Influenza is a virus causes the flu. Oseltamivir belongs to a class of neuraminidase ( new-ram-in-id-ayz ) inhibitors. It is used to prevent the flu or treat the flu.  

Acyclovir : Acyclovir is a antiviral drug. It is used to treatment and prevention of genital herpes.

Adefovir : Adefovir is used to treat the Hepatitis B and herpes simplex virus.

Cidofovir : Cidofovir is a antiviral medication used as a treatment for cytomegalovirus  (CMV ) retinitis ( Infection of the retina of the eye ) in condition of HIV people.

20. A nurse is taking care of a patient with DVT and she must be aware that venous emboli will be loged is
A. Heart
B. Lungs
C. Liver
D. Kidneys
Answer : 

21. Hyaline membrane disease of an infant is due to deficiency of surfactant and the source of pulmonary surfactant is
A. Alveolar macrophages
B. Capillary endothelium
C. Pneumonocytes type 1
D. Pnemonocytes type 2
Answer : 

22. Which one of the Following is a DNA Virus
A. Hepatitis A
B. Hepatitis B
C. Hepatitis C
D. Hepatitis D
Answer : B

23. To do percussion and postural drainage of lungs in bronchiectasis. What body position of the patient, a nurse should use
A. Supine position
B. Prone position
C. Decubitus position
D. Semi fowlers position
Answer : 

24. Patient on enalepril and diuretic therapy for heart failure. Nurse should notify the Physician that the therapy is not effective when she finds
A. Dry cough.
B. Skin rash
C. Edema legs
D. Postural fall in B.P
Answer : 

25. Thirty year old patient has an ulcer over lateral malleolus. Nurse caring for this patient understands, the pain of the patient is due to
A. Edema
B. Edudate
C. Infection
D. ischemia
Answer : 

26. Nurse caring for a retro positive patient with molluscum contagiosum. This secondary infection is caused by
A. Pox Virus
B. Papilloma Virus
C. Epstein Barr Virus
D. Herpes Simplex Virus
Answer : 

27. Nurse in about to insert Ryle’s Tube for a patient. Before this act she must be aware of the distance between incisor teeth and gastro esophageal junction. Which of the following in correct distance
A. 30 cm
B. 40 cm
C. 50 cm
D. 60 cm
Answer :  D

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