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Trachea Anatomy

Anatomy Of Trachea

  • It starts as a continuation downwards of larynx in the lower part of front of neck at the level of C6 vertebra.
  • It passes downwards enters the thorax and at the level of sternal angle it end by dividing into two bronchi.

  • The trachea is composed of 15 to 20 ‘C’ shaped cartilaginous rings.

  • The posterior part of ring is deficient which is filled by a muscle called as tracheolis.
  • These rings are connected to each other by membranes there by forming a tube is trachea.

Microscopic Structure of Trachea :

  • The wall of the trachea is composed of 4 layers, inside outwards they are mucosa, sub mucosa, cartilage and adventitia.
  • The mucosa is lined by pseudostratified ciliated columnor epithelium with goblet cells.
  • The cartilage is composed of hyaline cartilage.

Applied Anatomy :

Tracheasotomy : In obstructions of the upper part of the respiratory system an opening is made in the trachea and a tube is inserted through which the person will be able to breathe. This procedure is called as tracheaostomy.


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