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Larynx Anatomy

Anatomy Of Larynx

  •  It is an organ of respiration and also phonation ( speech ).
  • It is located in the upper part of the front of the neck in the midline.
  •  It starts at the level of L3 vertebra and ends at the level of C6 vertebra by being continued as trachea.
  • It is a longer in males than in females.
  • It is composed of mostly cartilages which are connected to each other by muscles, membranes, ligaments and joint.
  • Cartilages of larynx are 9 in number, 
    3 unpaired thyroid cartilage, cricoids cartilage and epiglottis.
    3 paired arystenoid cartilages, uneiform cartilages, corniculate cartilages.
  • Thyroid cartilage is largest of all.
  • Cricoid cartilage : signet ring shaped.
  • Epiglottis : Leaf Like.

  • Within the cavity of larynx, there are 2 pairs of folds, upper pair of vestiblar folds and lower pair of vocal folds.
  • The movements of vocal folds are responsible for the production of voice
  • These folds are dividing the cavity of larynx into 3 parts Supra glottis, glottis and infraglottis.
  • Arterial Supply : Superior and inferior laryngeal arteries.
  • Nerve Supply : Recurrent laryngeal nerve.

Applied Anatomy :

Aphonia : Injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve will cause paralysis of vocal folds there by causing loss of voice. This condition is called as aphonia.

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