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Palatine Tonsil Anatomy

 Anatomy Of Palatine Tonsil 

  • These are a pair of lymphatic organ.
  • Present in the lateral wall of oropharynx.
  • They are located in a depression called as tonsillar fossa.
  • Each tonsil has upper and lower ends, anterior and posterior borders, medial and lateral surfaces.
  • The medial surface faces the oral cavity.
  • It shows many depressions called as crypts.
  • This surface is covered by stratified squamous non keratinoid epithelium.
  • Around the crypts, lymphatic follicles are present. The remaining part of the organ filled with connective tissue, blood vessel and nerve.
  • This connective tissue will get thickened will form a capsule on the lateral aspect of the organ.

Applied Anatomy :

  • The tonsils will be infected, inflamed and enlarge, this condition is called as Tonsillitis.
  • It should be treated by surgical removal of tonsil called as Tonsillectomy.

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