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Lymph Nodes Anatomy

Anatomy Of Lymph Nodes

  • It is a small pea nut shaped lymphatic organ.
  • It is covered by a capsule.
  • At one place, a small depression will be present called as hilum.
  • Just beneath the capsule, a narrow space will be present called as subcapsular sinus.
  • The interior of the lymph nodes is divided into outer cortex and inner medulla.
  • In the cortex, the lymphocytes are arranged in the form of round masses called as cortical nodules.
  • In the medulla the lymphocytes are arranged as medullary cords.
  • The afferent lymphatic vessel will divide into branches and they bears the capsule at different places enter the subcapsular sinus.
  • The single efferent lymphatic vessel comes out of the helium.

Applied Anatomy :

  • During infection the lymph nodes will enlarge called as lymphodenities, even in lower the regional lymph nodes will enlarged and even pain.

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