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Anatomy Of Esophagus

  • It is the continuation downwards of pharynx starts at the level of C6 vertebra in the lower part of the neck.
  • It passes downwards through the superior and posterior mediastinum of thorax.
  • It pierces the diaphragm at the level of T10 vertebra enters the abdominal cavity where it is continued as stomach.
  • The esophagus shows four constrictions 
         --- At the beginning
·                                  Where it is crossed by arch of aorta.
·                                   Where it is crossed by left bronchus.
·                                   While it is passing through the diaphragm.
  • Blood supply : esophageal arteries.
  • Nerve supply : vagus nerve.

Applied Anatomy :

     Any problem with pharynx or esophagus, the person will have difficulty in swallowing. This condition is known as dysphasia.

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