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Staff Nurse Sample Solved Question Paper 8

 Staff Nurse Sample Solved Question Paper 2

1.Beri Beri occurs due to lack of
A-Vit: A
B-Vit: B
C-Vit: C
E:None of above

Answer : B

2.What do u mean by gravida?

No.of pregnancy

Number of conception.

how many time lady become pregnanta

3.Which of the following is not administration by intradermal route ?
b Insulin
c Mantoux
d Drug sensitivity test

Answer : B

4.National AIDS control programme was launched in
a 1987
b 1982
c 1985
d 1991

Answer : D

5.Colostrum is rich in the following constituents as compared to breast milk
a minerals
b proteins
c fats
d carbohydrates

Answer : B

6.achypnoea means?

 Increase d respiration more than normal

7.Types of Shock?

There are 8 type of shock

Respiratory shock

Neurogenic shock

Cardiogenic shock

Hemogenic shock

Anaphylactic shock

Metabolic shock

Psychogenic shock

Septic shock

Hypovelemic sh0ck
hypoglycemic sh0ck
hyperglycemic sh0ck

8.What are the Blood clotting factors?

The coagulation process that leads to hemostasis involves a complex set of protease reactions involving approximately 30 different proteins these reactions convert fibrinogen a soluble protein to insoluble strands of fibrin which togather with platelets form a stable thrombus

9.The optimum body weight of baby end of 1 year is:
a Addition of 3kg to birth wt
b Double the weight
c 3 times of the birth weight
d 4 times the birth weight

Answer : C

10.1 ml of insulin equal to
a 10 units
b 20 units
c 40 units
d 60 units

Answer : C

11.Anti diuretic drugs,name


12.The meconium starts to appear in the fetus in uterus by
a 16th weeks
b 4th month
c 5th month
d 20th week

Answer : D

13.Full form of ACTH

Adreno Cortico Tropic Hormone

14.How many lobes are in our liver?
(a)3 (b)4
(c)5 (d)6

Answer : a

15.Birth Injuries ?

Birth injury is damage sustained during the birthing process usually occurring during transit through the birth canal some kind of birth injury are Bells palsy Cerebral palsy and Erbs palsy

16.The following artery remains to be the most popular site for cannulation for invasive blood pressure monitoring
a femoral
b radial
c dorsalis pedis
d axillary

Answer : B

17.Book lungs are respiratory organs of-
a. mollusca
b. mammals
c. arachnida

Answer :  b

18.What is Meconium aspiration syndrome?

It occurs when a newborn baby breathes (aspiration) a mixture of meconium and amniotic fluid into the lungs around the time of delivery. It is a serious condition.


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