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Staff Nurse Sample Solved Question Papers-09

                         Staff Nurse Sample Solved Question Papers

1.Pass In The 1st Stool Of Neonate After The Birth..??
A- Lochea
B- Colostrum
C- Puerpera
D- Meconium
Answer : D
2.DOTS is used in he treatment of
a Tuberculosis
b Leprosy
c Malaria
d Filaria
Answer : A
3.Which of the following Fontanel in child is the first to close?
a Frontal
b Occipital
c Sphenoid
d Mastoid
Answer : B
4.Fish is the source of all expcet?
a Iron
b Iodine
c vitamin
d phosphorus
Answer : A
5.MTP can be done up to:
a 12 weeks
b 16 weeks
c 20 weeks
d 10 weeks
Answer : A or C
6.Sharp instruments are sterilized under
a Dry heat
b Boiling
c Fumigation
d Radiation
Answer : A
7.For I.M Injection the nurse should insert the needle into the muscle at an angle of
a 15 degrees
b 30 degrees
c 45 degrees
d 90 degrees
Answer : D
8.When bleeding after 24 hours of delivery is considered as post pastum hemorrhage (PPH)?
a Blood loss of more than 500 ml
b Blood loss of more than 700 ml
c Blood loss of more than 100 ml
d Blood loss of more than 20 ml
Answer : A
9. According to national immunization schedule, immunization for how many disease is done in infants ?
a 4
b 5
c 6
d 7
Answer : C
Note : Its actually 9
                                      1 BCG
10.Which is not given at the time of birth?
c Hepatitis
d Hib
Answer : D


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