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1. Mode of transmission of Pertussis:
(a) Vector transmission
(b) Through contaminated water
(c) Droplet infection
(d) Faecoaral
Answer : C

2. Time required to measure the Mantaux test:
(a) 24 to 48 hrs
(b) 48 to72 hrs
(c) 10 to12 hrs
(d) 2 to 4 hrs
Answer : B

3.Name of the oral Polio Vaccine:
(a) BCG
(b) TAB
(c) Salk
(d) Sabin
Answer : D
4.The following are the standard tuberculosis drug except:
(a) Chloromycin
(b) Streptomycin
(c) INH
(d) PAS
Answer : A

5.Combination of Tripple Antigen:
(a) DPT
(b) BCG
(c) TAB
(d) ECG
Answer :A

6.The time interval between infection of suspected person and the appearance of signs and symptom of the disease is called
(a) Quarrentine
(b) Recovery period
(c) Incubation
(d) Isolation period
Answer : C

7.Route of transmission of Hepatitis B:
(a) Oral
(b) Potential
(c) Faeco oral
(d) Contaminated water 
Answer :  B

8. Mode of transmission of typhoid fever:
(a) Intravenous
(b) Oro faceal
(c) Respiratory
(d) Droplet
Answer :  B

9.Causative organism of diphtheria:
(a) Mycobacteria
(b) Streptococcus
(c) Coryne Bacterium diphtheria
(d) Staphylococcus
Answer :  C

10.Incubation period of measles:
(a) 1-7 days
(b) 7-14 days
(c) 14-21 days
(d) 21-28 days 
Answer :  B

11. Site for mantaux test:

(a) Outer and upper quadrant of gluteus maximus
(b) Deltoid region
(c) Posterior left forearm
(d) Anterior left forearm
Answer :D

12. Media of transmission of bovine type of tubercle bacilli:

(a) Milk
(b) Water
(c) Air
(d) Food
Answer : A

13.Painful Micturition:

(a) Eneuresis
(b) Dysuria
(c) Rentention of urine
(d) Diarrhoea
Answer : B

14. Amount of solution used for evacuant enema in adults
A) 100-250 ml
B) 250-350 ml
C) 500-1000 ml
D) 1000-1500 ml
Answer : C

15. Drug used for relieve pain
A) Anti inflammatory
B) Antipyretics
C) Antibiotics
D) Analgesics
Answer : D

16. Hormone secreted by the testes
A) Oestrogen
B) Pitocin
C) Androgens
D) Progesterone
Answer : C

17.One ml contains………ml
A) 5 drops
B) 10 drops
C) 15 drops
D) 20 drops
Answer : C

18. One teaspoon contains…….ml
A) 2ml
B) 5ml
C) 10ml
D) 15ml
Answer : B

19. Average weight of a new born baby
A) 2 kg
B) 4 kg
C) 3 kg
D) 5 kg
Answer : C

20. How much salt must be added to one liter of water to make a solution of normal saline
A) 2 gms
B) 5 gms
C) 6 gms
D) 9 gms
Answer : D

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