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01.Number of vertebra in the sacrum
A) 5
B) 3
C) 4
D) 1
Answer : A

02. Number of chromosome in a cell
A) 23
B) 44
C) 46
D) 40
Answer : C

03. A trial septal defect occurs due to the persistence of
A) Formen ovale
B) Ductus arteriosis
C) Ductus venosus
D) Mitral valve
Answer : A

04. ……….. is a water soluble vitamin
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin K
C) Vitamin B
D) Vitamin D
Answer : C

05.Quickening means
A) Hearing of the fetal heart sound
B) Sudden cessation of Menstruation
C) The movement of the feuts in the uterus felt by the mother
D) Nausea and Vomiting in the morning
Answer : C

06. Cholera is caused by a kind of bacterium called
A) Tubercle bacillus
B) Vibrio cholera
C) Protozoa
D) Entamoeba histolytica
Answer : B

07. Drinking of alcohol will severely effects the
A) Kidney
B) Brain
C) Stomuch
D) Liver
Answer : D

08.The disease in which the patients blood does not clot easily is
A) Sickle cell anaemia
B) Haemophilia
C) Rabies
D) Diabetes
Answer : B

09.Discolouration of teeth is caused baa kind of antibiotics called
A) Streptomycin
B) Neomycin
D) Pencillin
Answer : C

10…………is caused by fungus
A) Malaria
B) Athletes foot
C) Filariasis
D) Typhus fever
Answer : B

11.The Filariasis is transmitted by …..
A) Anopheles female mosquito
B) Anopheles male mosquito
C) Culex female mosquito
D) Culex male mosquito
Answer : C

12. The blood group contain no antibodies
A) A
B) B
C) O
Answer : D

13. The disease that spread through sexual contact is
A) Leprosy
C) Itches
D) Scabies
Answer : B

14. Typhoid is transmitted through
A) Water and food
B) Air
C) Touch
D) Personal contact
Answer : A
15. ………..is example for the disease caused by bacteria
A) Cold
B) Typhoid
C) Typhus fever
D) Chicken pox
Answer : B
16. ……… is the immunity get by the body after the first attack of disease
A) Natural Immunity
B) Passive Immunity
C) Artificial immunity
D) Acquired immunity
Answer : D

17. The cells that are responsible for the production of antibodies are
A) Red blood cells
B) Platelets
C) Plasma
D) White blood cells
Answer : D

18. A healthy person can donate blood ….. or …..times a year
A) Six or seven
B) Five or six
C) Three or four
D) Two or three
Answer : C

19. Radio active cobalt and radium are used for the treatment of diseases
A) Cholera
B) Haemophilia
C) Cancer
D) Sickle cell anaemia
Answer : C

20. World health day is on
A) May 12th
B) April 7th
C) April 30th
D) December 18th
Answer : B

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