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Questions for staff nurse community health nursing

* Infective hepatitis virus is present in

a) Saliva

b) Sputum

c) Faces & blood

d) All above

* Coal dirt causes

a) Anthracosis

b) Silicosis

c) Bagassosis

d) Byssinosis

* The stools of cholera are

a) Green

b) yellow

c) Rice water

d) Normal

* Rabies is transmitted by the bite of

a) Anopheles mosquito

b) Culex mosquito

c) Flies

d) A rabid dog

* Vaccine produces

a) Passive immunity

b) Active immunity

c) Active and passive immunity

d) All above

* Important objectives of health services are

a) Prevention of diseases

b) Promotion of health

c) Cure from the diseases

d) Above all

* Audio visual aids are classified in to

a) Auditory

b) Visual

c) Combined

d) All above

* Year of 1981 was declares as year of

a) Immunization

b) Handicapped

c) youth

d) Nurses

* Copper T is contra indicated during

a) Pregnancy

b) Pelvic infections

c) Heart diseases

d) All above


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