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Model staff nurse question paper


1) To maintain adequate cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP), which of the following is true;

a) ICP less than 15 mm of Hg, MAP above 50 mm of Hg
b) ICP more than 15 mm of Hg, MAP below 50 mm of Hg
c) ICP lmore than 25 mm of Hg, MAP below 70 mm of Hg
d) ICP lmore than 30 mm of Hg, MAP below 40 mm of Hg

2) Which of the following is malignant tumor?

a) Glicoma
b) Neurofibroma
c) Thyroid tumor
d) Kaposi's sacroma

3) Haemophilia type A & b are:

a) Autosomal dominant traits
b) Dominant sex linked traits
c) Autosomal recessive traits
d) Recessive sex linked traits

4) When is the most appropriate time for a women to perform breast self examination?

a) The first day of the menstrual period
b) One week after the start of the menstrual period
c) Just before the time of intercourse 
d) Any convenient time of the month

5) A client receiving recieving rifampicin should be taught that the effect of the drug could cause;

a) Reddish orange color of urine, saliva and sputum
b) Eighth cranial nerve damage
c) Brain
d) vestibular dysfunction

6) Which of the following is an unlikely assessment for a client with a diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy;

a) Muscular pain
b) Muscle twitching
c) Exophthamos
d) Decreased level of consciousness


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