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Rbc Life Cycle

Rbc Life Cycle

  • Rbc live only about 120 days because of the war and tear their plasma membrane undergo as they squeeze through blood capillaries.
  • Without nucleus and organells. Rbc can not synthesize the new components to replace and damaged onces.
  • The plasma membrane becomes more fragile with age and cells are more likely to brust. Especially as they squeeze they squeeze through narrow channels in the spleen.
  • Ruptured red blood cells are removed from circulation and destroyed by fixed phagocytic macro phages in the spleen and liver.

Measurements :

     Measurements of red cell numbers volume and hemoglobin content are usefull assessments made in clinical practice.

Measure                                            Normal Values

Complete Blood Count                    
RBC                                                  Male : 4.5 – 6.5 million/mm.
                                                          Female : 3.8 – 5.8 million/mm.
HB                                                     Infant 14 – 20 g/100ml.
                                                          Male : 13.5 – 18 g/100ml.
                                                          Female : 12-16 g/ 100ml.
Packed Cell Volume ( PCV,
haematocrit ). The volume of red     0.40 – 0.
cell in 1or mm3 of blood.     
Mean cell volume ( MCV )
The volume of an average                80 -96 fl.
cell. Measured in femtoliters
( 1 fl = 10-15 liter ).

Mean Cell Hemoglobin (MCH)
The average amount of Hb per           27 – 32 pg/cell.
cell measured in pictograms.
( 1pg : 10-12 gram )

Mean Cell Hemoglobin
 Concentration ( MCHC ).
The Weight of Hb in 100ml                30 -35 g/ 100 ml of rbc.
of red cells.

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