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Infant Bath

Infant Bath

Definition :

          Bathing an infant in a tub / basin.

Purpose :

1. To clean infant and maintain healthy skin
2. To give infant a chance to exercise and improve circulation
3. To closely observe body for evidence of any abnormalities and to      note growth and development.

Contra Indications :

1.Hypothermia (<36 C )
3. Bronchopneumonia
4. Congenital Cyanotic Heart Disease.
5. Fresh burns
6. Critical illness
7. Premature infant.

Equipment :

  • Bath tray
  • basin
  • Soap ( mild )
  • Towel ( bath )
  • Rag Pieces
  • Face towel
  • Dress
  • Napkin
  • Bath thermometer
  • Sterile cotton balls
  • Jug with cold water
  • K basin
  • Jug with hot water
  • Mackintosh
  • swab sticks
  • Duster
  • Bucket
  • Thermometer tray
  • Non absorbent cotton

General Instruction :

While giving bath, give mother opportunity to participate by changing dress pouring water etc.

Procedure :

1. Explain procedure to mother
2. Assemble necessary equipment at bedside
3. Check infant's temperature.
4. Turn off fan, Keep dress ready. Nurse to wear gown/apron.
5. Check temperature of water, and maintain at 100F
6. Place baby on draw sheet which is spread over mackintosh. Undress baby and mummify with draw sheet.
7. Clean eyes with cotton balls, from inner to outer canthus, once stroke at a time
8. Clean nose and ears with separate swab sticks and plug ears with non absorbent cotton
9. Dip hand in water and wipe face taking care that no water goes into mouth of infant.
10. Dry face with face towel. Do not use soap for face.
11. Clean neck of baby using soap and dry with face towel
12. Hold infant with left arm supporting infant's whole body. Bring near basin and wash head with soap and water. Then dry completely with one end of bath towel and bring to bed.
13. Change water in basin and maintain temperature at 100F
14. Remove mummy restraint from infant. wet whole body and apply soap to whole body including extremities, taking special care of skin folds. Then turn infant to one side and apply soap on back also. Nurse to rinse soap from hands. Then bring infant to basin and in sitting position apply soap on infant hands avoiding palms. Rinse soap by pouring waste from basin, with other hand. Turn bring back to bed and dry with towel
15. Apply power gently on infant's body. Avoid sprinkling power. Change dress and replace draw sheet if wet.
16. Replace articles.
17. Record time, condition of infant
18. Feed infant after both.

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