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Blood Functions

Functions Of Blood

Blood is liquid connective tissue. It has 3 functions,

1.     Transport.
2.     Regulation.
3.     Protection.

1.Transport :

  • Blood transport oxygen ( O2 ) from lungs to cells of body and ( CO2 ) from body cells to lungs for exhalation.
  • Blood carries nutriants from gastro intestinal tract to body cells.
  • And hormones from endocrine glands to other cells.
  • Blood transport heat and waste products various organs for elimination from the body.

2. Regulation :

  • Circulating blood help to maintain homeostatis of body fluids.
  • It helps to regulate PH through the use of buffers.
  • It also helps regulate body temperature heat absorbing and coolent properties of water in blood plasma.
  • It has various rate of flow in skin, the excess of heat eliminated from the body to environment.
  • Blood osmotic pressure influences water content in cell mainly interactions through of dissolved ions and proteins.

3.Protection :

  • Blood can clot, which protect against is excessive loss of cardiovascular system after an injury.
  • White blood cells protect against disease carrying on phagocytosis.
  • Some blood proteins, Antibodies, interferons and complement help to protect against disease in variety of ways.

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