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Cardiac Surgery Team Members

 Cardiac Surgery Team Members

Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac Surgeon play a Major role in  the Heart surgery. The surgeon specialize in treatment of  Chest, Lung, Heart. The Cardiac surgeon  perform the surgery for the blockage of blood vessel of the Heart and repair of valves.

Assistant Cardiac Surgeon or Nursing Assistant or Physician Assistant :

Assistant Cardiac Surgeon help to the Cardiac Surgeon to minimize the surgeon work and save the Surgeon time  and decrease the surgical procedure duration.

Scrub Nurse

Scurb Nurse role is very important in the Surgical procedures. The Scrub Nurse must have the knowledge of instruments use in surgical procedure. During surgery the Scrub Nurse provide the equipment and Instruments for the Cardiac Surgeon on by one.

Circulating Nurse

Ciruculating Nurse make their function towards the Scrub Nurse. Circulating Nurse help to Scrub Nurse as assistance for providing necessary Instruments and equipment without Interrupt the Surgical procedure.


An Anesthesiologist maintain  the sedation level by administering narcotic drugs and pain  killers  to prevent the Unpleasant sensation. During surgery an Anesthesiologist help the Cardiac Surgeon by preventing  movement of patient by sedation and maintain the respiration level to perform surgery smoothly


A perfusionist is operates a heart-lung machine. It is a artificial blood pump machine. Which maintain oxygenated blood to the body organs and tissues during the surgeon operates on heart.

Operation Room Technician

Operation Room Technician responsible for preparing the Operation theater for surgical procedures like preparing the patients for surgery, Providing required surgical equipment.

Cardiac Team Members

Operation Room Boy

Operation Room Boy work for the cleaning the operation room and discard the waste material in the operation room and assist for the Operation Room Technician.


Intensivist is a physician provide treatment for the critically ill patient and also responsible for treatment of complex problems. Intensivist perform the Intubation, arterial line, central line. Thoracentesis. Lumbar puncture.

Intensive Care Nurses

Intensive Care Nurses are having specialized skills for taking care critically ill patients. Intensive Care Nurses are responsible for administration of drugs and feeding patients, and special care provided for the patient on Ventilator, Central line.


Cardiologist is medical doctor treating the patient with cardiac problems like Heart attack, Coronary artery disease, Heart rhythm problems, Heart valves disorders

Primary Care Physician

Primary Care Physician is provide general medical management. They gather the problems  of patient and treat by own but some times inform to specialized doctor and follow the orders and treat the patient during hours in the intensive care area.

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist perform the exercise to the patient like Deep Breathing exercises for post cardiac surgery patients.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Team Members

Cardiac Rehabilitation Team Members responsible for educating the patient about cardiac exercises during discharge from the hospital and subsequent follow up visit. 

Cardiac Surgery Team Members

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