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9 Precautions taken while patient on traction

 9 Precautions taken while patient on traction

What are the 9 Precautions required for the patient on traction

Traction is used for the patient with the fracture of bones. Traction makes immobilize the bones and help for the fixation or formation of the bone at the damage area.

         While patient is on Traction some important  precautions strictly followed. These precautions helpful for the healing of the bone without any problems with traction.

          Few important points are mentioned below.  

  • Do not change the position or weight until Physician orders.
  • Weight should be hanging freely above the floor level
  • Serosanguinous drainage from the traction inform to physician
  • Neurovascular impairment notify the physician and remove the cast
  • Hold the weight before changing the position
  • Check Skeletal pin site.
  • Maintain proper body alignment or posture
  • Check for fraying of the rope
  • Assess the skin integrity where the traction is applied

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