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Can i get Surgery Without my Parents Permission

 Can I get surgery without my parents permission

What is Surgery ?

Surgery is a repair of  the  human body organs through the operative manual and Instrumental techniques to treat the disease or injury to recover the normal body functions.

Requirements for Surgery :

  • For performing Surgery consent or signature (  authorization or accept form or permission letter ) is required from patient and parents or relatives or guardians. 
  • In  some situations parents or relatives are not present patient is alone.  In  this situations only patient signature or consent is acceptable  for performing surgery even Minor surgery or Major surgery and Emergency surgery or Elective surgery. But patient should be in conscious state and patient should be a major ( More than  18 year above ). Along with that better to take a Audio and video consent to prevent further legal issues.
  • If patient is Minor ( less than 18 years ) parent or relatives or guardian consent is compulsory required for surgery.

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