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Labor room PPH Management Kit

Labor room PPH Management Kit

1.Wide bore cannula (number 16/18) at least 2
2. IV set, IV fluids ( NS, RL)
3. Syringes (10 ml, 5ml, 2ml)
4. Blood and urine collection vials
5.Inj. Oxytocin ( to be kept in refrigerator)
   Inj. Methylergometrine
   Inj. Carboprost ( to be kept in refrigerator )
6. Bowl with cotton swabs
7. Alcohol/spirit swabs, Dry cotton swabs
8. Antiseptic solution bottle
9. Adhesive tape
10. Suture material
11. Self-retaining catheter, Urobag
12. Syringe & distilled water for inflation
13. Long elbow-length sterile gloves
14. Sterile gloves
15. For Condom Tamponade : 
      SS tray with lid
      Sims speculum,
      SS bowl with swabs
      Sponge holder
      Suture material,
      Foley's catheter 16 no
      IV set
      Inj, NS 500 ml
      Personal Protective Equipment

Note : Ensure availability of functional oxygen source with attachments, functional suction machine and functional BP apparatus and stethoscope.

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