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Kangaroo Mother Care - Pediatrics

Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)

  • Kangaroo Mothe Care provided for Low Birth Weight babies below the 2000gm or 2kg.
  • Promotes Weight gain and Thermal control.
  • More regular breathing and less predisposition of apnea.
  • Protect against pneumonia Nosocomial Infection.
  • Kangaroo Mother Care reduces Stress of baby

Procedure :

  • Keep the baby upright position on mother breast ( Fraglike Structure ).
  • Babay abdomen should be placed level of mothers epigastrium
  • In the initial stage monitor breathing, Airway, Color, Temperature.
  • Baby could be fed with Paladi, Spoon, Tube. 
Duration : The Kangaroo Mother Care Duration Not less than 1 hour.

Position : Reclined (or) Semi Recumbent Postion (15-30 degee).

Discharge : 15-20gm per day for atleast 3 consecutive days.

Discontinue : To reach weight 2.5kg-3kg or Reach of 40 Weeks.

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