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CCL Staff Nurse Question Paper 2017

Central Coalfield Limited (CCL) Staff Nurse Question Paper 2017

00. Which of the following procedure always requires surgical procedure
a) Vaginal irrigation
b) Urinary catherization
c) Nasogastric tube insertion
d) Colostomy irrigation

Answer   :   

02. Endoscopic catheters are sterilized by
a) Autoclaving
b) Boiling
c) Hot air oven
d) 2% glutraldehyde

Answer   :

03. Most common type of birth injury
a) Bone injury
b) Muscle injury
c) Intracranial injury
d) Softtissue injury

Answer   :   

04. The length of large intestine is
a) 2 feet
b) 5 feet
c) 3 feet
d) 4 feet

Answer   :   5 feet

05. A condition of being free from pathogenic organisms or infection
a) Asepsis
b) Antisepsis
c) Apathogenesis
d) Disinfection

Answer   :   Asepsis


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