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Sample Staffnurse Questions

1) In mumps which part is afftected - parotid gland
2) use of karmen catheter - abortion
3) turner syndrome- in females
4)cause of scald - moist heat
5) term cholelithiasis refers - gallbladder stone
6) postmaturity - 42 weeks
7) still birth - 28 weeks
8) newborn assessment - apgar score
9) lead poisoning leads to - weaking of Nerves
10) milk disease caused by - gastritis
11) moslem prayer poistion used for - laminectomy
12)lumbar puncture site - l3-l4
13) normal fetal heartrate - 120-140
14) world heath day - 7th april
15) ozone layer absorbs - uv radiation
16) vagotomy is for - peptic ulcer
17) best method for milk sterlization - pasteurization
18) health care centre - PHC
19) cretinism refers to - deficiency of t3
20) After crosing the head to ischial spine ....Restitution of head
21)less amniotic fluid - oligohydroamnios
22)breakdown of fibrin - Synresis
23)function of vitamin k - acts for prothrombin
24)std disease- AIDS
25)neonatal death - after 7 days
26)cause of diarrhoea-rotavirus
27)sign of meningitis -kerning sign
28)inflamation of the eyelashes and eyelid-stye
29)cancer of bone marrow - myeloma
30)pus in pleural cavity - empyema
31)vitamin b12 causes-pernicious anaemia
32)in which disease manic and depressive episodes both occur - bipolar disorder 33)psychotic disorder - schizophrenia
34)repitetive episodes of activities - OCD
35)negri bodies seen in -rabies
36)sleeping sickness caused by - tsetse fly
37)whooping cough caused by - pertussis
38)leptospirosis caused by - rats
39)disbalance of ADH caused by - imbalance in posterior pituitary hormone 40)side by side curvature - scliosis
41)antihelmintic drugs for - worms
42)which is not cause tear of pelvis - gynaecoid
43)permanent faimly planning method-vasectomy
44)fears - known as phobia
45)umbilical cord also known as -funis
46)twisting and obstruction of intestine - intussecption
47)poisnous gas- carbon momoxide
48)not a congenital disease - ischaemic diseases
49) bed sores by - Friction
50)ventricular shunt for- hydrocephalus
51)1st teeth erupt-incisor
52)1st stage time for primigravida - 11 hour
53)quinotruplets -5 fetus
54)cause of oral cancer - chewing tobacco
55)action of pencillin - inhubition of cell wall synthesis
56)cause of cerebral malaria-by p.falciparum
57)which is not -lochia - alag hi option tha
58)protusion of one body part into another-hernia
59)not a sign of nephrotic syndrome-hyperalbumi­nia
60)decreased heart rate - bradycardia
61 Ab - ve blood grp and which blood grp give in emergency --- o negative 62)uterus weight -60gm
63)priority nursing action for poisiong-identify the poisen 64)parmanent hardness removed by- soda
65)space bt pleural cavities -- media sternum
66)dark bends- myosin
67)celiac disease i - small intestine
68)duodenum hormone-cholecystoki­nine
69)no. of breech presentation - 4
70)biparietal diameter-9.5
71)drug used in procedure to maintain cvp-dopamine
72)blood loss after delivery-PPH
73)immediate fuction of chc nurse in-endemic disease
74)bones holes-fossae
75)meningocele-menin­ges protrudes
76)incubation period of poliomyelitis - 7-14 days
77) air pllution by -Bio gas
78)temp. for tepid sponging - 25 to 38 C
79) nursing priority for communicable diseases- isolation
80)another name of chicken pox-varicella
81) hearing range-20-20000 hz
82)herpes zooster-viral disease
83)why malaria is increased now a days-poor sanitory condition 84)which disease is not give life long immunity- influenza
85 ..definition of CHC ....people live in small area
86..Oma means ...Cyst ya new growth
87. Clark farmula ....calculate the pediatric dose
88 which is not a sypmtom of preeclampsia
89 ..Osteoma ...
90 ...ADHD /conduct ...
91 which is not a type of wound ..ulcer
92 Which is not a obstetrical forcep ...waggy forcep
93 cause of CHF ...mitral stenosis
94 Murmur sound ....Rhematic fever
95 ..Fore skin not revert back ....Phimosis
96 gastational period ...280 days
97 incordination of movement ....Ataxia


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