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Health Centre Management Questions


Q.1. a) What dou mean by National Health Programme ? 
b) What are the special programmes carried out in India ? 
c) As a HW
(F) how do plan to conduct an immunisation camp in your area ? 

Q2. a) As a HW (F) how will you organise and set up a newly created subcentre
b) Make a subcentre Action Plan to provide Health Services to the Community.
c) How are you going to plan an antenatal clinic in your subcentre area

Q3. a) What do mean by I.E.C. ?
b) Mention the aims and objectives of I.E.C ?
c) As a HW(F) how will you spread the awareness in the community about the Dengue fever through l.E.C. ? 5

Q.4 a) What are NGO,s? 5
b) Role of NGO,s in discharging health care in the community?5
c) Role of AWW ? 5

Q 5.a) Mention the National Health Programmes in India ?
b) How will you detect a case of Dengue ?
c) As a HW(F) what is your role in the National vector borne diseases control programme. 

Q6. a) Mention the diseases under the National vector borne diseases control programme.?
b) How will you detect a case of Malaria ?
c) As a HW(F) what is your role in the National Malaria Eradication Programme. 

Q.7. Write short notes on Any five (5X3)
i) Symptoms of Malaria
ii) Role of AWW in the health care delivery
iii) Records
iv) Transmission of data from subcentre to PHC
v) Monthly meeting at Subcentre
vi) Responsibilities of HW(F)

Q.8.A Fill in the blanks. (1X5)
a) Lions club is a-----------------.
b) Night blindness occurs due to ---------- deficiency .
c) By ----------- language one should communicate with the community.
d) ----------------------salt is used in Goitre Control Programme
e) Treatment given after taking a blood slide in any fever case is called - ------------.

B) Write the Full of Abbreviations (1X10)

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