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RRB Staff Nurse Question Paper 2015

RRB Staff Nurse Question Paper 2015
Held On 08-02-2015

01. The characteristic of enantiomers is
A. Only that they are chemically identical
B. Only that they are mirror images of each other
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

Answer : Only that they are mirror images of each other

Note : Enantiomers are identical chemical and physical properties.

02. The guardian of the Indian Constitution  is the
A. Supreme Court of India
B. High Court
C. President of India
D. Prime Minister of India

Answer : Supreme Court of India.

03. Repeated urination while sleeping, even after five years of age is called
A. Eneuresis
B. Tic
C. Stuttering
D. Encopresis

Answer : Eneuresis

Note : 
Tic              : Eye Blinking
Stuttering   : Speech disorder
Encopresis : Fecal Soiling

04. In a certain code '253' means "books are old", '546' means "man is old" and "378" means "buy good books". What stands for "are" in that code ?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Answer :

05. Atmospheric pressure is important in the process of

A. Blood flow
B. Micturation
C. Reproduction
D. Breathing

Answer : Breathing

06. In a certain code, if BHOPAL is written as EERMDI, then how will POWER be written in the same code

Answer :

07. The permanent stopping of the menstrual cycle in women is called
A. Menopause
B. Menarche
C. Dismenorrhea
D. Amenorrhea

Answer : Menopause

  • First menstrual period is called the menarche, normally starts at the age of 12 years of age in woman.
  • Absence of menstrual cycle continuous 12 years called the menopause
  • Painful periods during menustration called dismenorrhea
  • Absence of menustral period in reproductive age is called Amenorrhea.
  • Oligomenorrhea is infrequent menustral cycle ( Greater than 35 days or 9 periods in a year )

08. Which of the following vitamins is soluble in water
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin K
D. Vitamin D

Answer : Vitamin C

Note : 

09. A is 40 meters south-east of B, then C is in which direction from A ?
A. South
B. West
C. East
D. North - East

Answer :

10. The Aligarh Muslim University was founded by
A. Dr. saifuddin Kichlu
B. Sir syed Ahmad Khan
C. Mohammad Ali Jinnah
D.Maulana Mohammad Ali

Answer : Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

11. Which Of the following , which is the most common site for metastasis in lung cancer ?
 A. Kidney

Answer : Liver

Note : Common sites of spread include the brain, bone, adrenal glands, opposite lung, liver, Liver, Pericardium and Kidney.
- Liver is the near by the lung.

12. Express 45minutes as a fracton of a day ;
B. 1/40
C. 1/60
D. 1/24

Answer :

13. When are the chances of acute endometritis developing in a woman
A. After menopause
B. After menarche
C. After abortion or childbirth
D. In childhood

Answer : After menarche

14. Psychoanalytic therapy was developed by
A. Sigmund Freud
B. Jacobson
C. Franklin
D. Aristotle

Answer : Sigmund Freud

15. What should be the temperature of water used for cold sponging
A. 98 F
B. 105 F
C. 70 F
D. 0 F

Answer : 98 F ( A )

16. A train running at a speed of 30 metres/sec crossses a platform 600 metres long in 30 seconds. The length of the train is
A. 120 metres
B. 150 metres
C. 200 metres
D. 300 metres

Answer :

17. Which of the following is not found in urine
A. Only glucose
B. Only protein
C. Only Red blood cells
D. All the above

Answer : RBC

18. Which of these fractions is the largests
A. 6/7
B. 5/6
C. 7/8
D. 4/5

Answer :

19. Hallucination is caused by
A. Gastro intestinal disorder
B. Mental illness
C. Disorder of reproductive organs
D. Infectious disease

Answer : Mental illness ( A )

20. Which artery supplies oxygenated blood to the stomach
A. Carotid artery
B. Gastric artery
C. Celiac artery
D. Cephalic artery

Answer : Celiac artery

21. Five words are given below. Four of them are similar. Choose the word which is not similar to the remaining words

A. Paper
B. Wool
C. Wood
D. Plastic

Answer :

22. Select the letter-series which follows the rule
"Number of letters skipped in reverse order in between adjacent letters in the series is constant

Answer :

23. Five words are given below. Four of them are similar. Choose the word which is not similar to the remaining words
A. Ink
B. Paper
C. Pencil
D. Sharpner

Answer : Ink ( A )

24. A is the brother of B. B is the son of the C. D is C s father. Then, what is A of D
A. Brother
B. Grandson
C. Son
D. Grandfather

Answer :

25. Which nutrient is not found in eggs
A. Carbohydrate and Vitamin-C
B. Protein and Calcium
C. Fat and Vitamin-D
D. Protein and Iron

Answer : Carbohydrates and Vitamin-C

26. Which of the following is not a symptom of depression
A. Loss of interest in daily activities
B. Delusion of guilt
C. Suicidal ideas
D. Delusion of grandiosity

Answer : Delusion of grandiosity

27. The goal of management of Glaucome is
A. Only to increase the inflow of aqueous humor
B. Only to increase the outflow of queous humor
C. Only to increase the production of aqueous humor
D. All of these

Answer :

28. Which is the best test for detecting Liver dysfunction
A. Serum albumin
B. Serum Bilirubin
D. Prothombin time

Answer : Serum Albumin

29. Find the next term in the series
A3B, C7D, E11F, G15H, ..............,
A. I20J
B. I19K
C. J19K
D. I19J

Answer :

30. Select the letter-series which follows the rule :
"Number of letters skipped in between adjacent letters in the series doubles every time".

Answer :

31. 8th April 1930 is well known in history of india because this date is associated with :

A. Dandi March by Mahtma Gandhi
B. Quit India Movement
C. Partition of Bengal
D. Partition of india

Answer : Dandi March by Mahtma Gandhi

Note :

  • Dandi March by Mahatma Gandhi 12 March 1930, Other name of Dandi March is Salt March
  • Quit india movement 8 August 1942, Other Name of Quit India is India August Movement.
  • Partition of Bengal 16 October 1905
  • Partition of India 15 August 1947.

32. Select the pair which has the same relationship as the pair Birds : Wings

A.Whale : Water
B. Dog : Lungs
C. Car : Wheel
D. Pen : Paper

Answer :

33. Out of the " chemical forces' or bonds listed below, the strongest one is .....

A. Vander waal's
B. Dipole
C. Covalent
D. Hydrophobic

Answer :

34. Which valve prevents backward flow of blood into the left atrium
A. Aortic valve
B. Pulmonary valve
C. Tricuspid Valve
D. Mitral Valve

Answer : Mitral Valve

35. The......... membranes sourround the lungs

A. Pericardial
B. Mediastinal
C. Pleural
D. Peritoneal

Answer : Plerual

36. When two numbers are separately divided by 33 the remainders are 21 and 28 respectively. If the sum of the tow numbers is divided by 33 the remainder will be
A. 10        B. 12       C. 14      D. 16

Answer :

37. Which complication of IV infusion can cause pulmonary edema or heart failure
A. Infiltration
B. Circulatory overload
C. Infection
D. Pyrogenic reactions

Answer : Circulatory overload

38. Abnormal communication between the urinary and genital tract is called Geneto urinary
A. Fistula
B. Tumour
C. Atresia
D. Prolapse

Answer : Fistula

39. What is the main reason for angina pectoris

A. Neurological disease
B. Gastric disease
C. Respiratory disease
D. Cardiac disease

Answer : Cardiac Disease

40. Which division of the nervous system initiates a response known as fight or flight

A. The sympathetic nervous system
B. The parasympathetic nervous system
C. The somatic nervous system
D. None of these

Answer : Sympathetic nervous system

41. The commonest cause of maternal morbidity in india is
A. Anemia
B. Hamorrhage
C. Abortion
D. Sepsis

Answer : Hamorrhage

42. Find the next number in the series
11, 16, 23, 32, 43
A. 56          B. 55          C. 57          D. 54

Answer : 56
Note : 11+5=16, 16+7=23, 23+9=32, 32+11=43, 43+13=56.

43. Find the next number in the series

885, 870, 855, 840,........
A. 835          B.855          C.825          D.  815

Answer : 825

Note : 885-15=870, 870-15=855, 855-15=840, 840-15=825

44. World's first White Tiger Safari is set to come up in which state of India
A. West Bengal
B. Kerala
C. Madhya pradesh
D. Gujarat

Answer : Madhya Pradesh

45. Out of following which medicines are used for intestinal evacuation

A. Cathartics
B. Carminatives
C. Astringents
D. Antimycotic

Answer : Antimycotic

46. The abolition of  "Sati" by government regulation was at the time of
A. Warren Hastings
B. Lord Wellesley
C. Lord Amherst
D. Lord Bentinck

Answer : Lord Bentinck

47. The destruction of alveolar walls is called
A. Emphyma
B. Bronchitis
C. Emphysema
D. Lung abcess

Answer : Emphysema

48. According to World Health Organisation, "low birth weigh" means a weight of less than
A. 2.8 Kgs
B. 2.7 Kgs
C. 2.5 Kgs.
D. 2.3 Kgs

Answer : 2.5 Kgs

49. An agent which kills pathogenic bacteria is called
A. Asepsis
B. Disinfectant
C. Fomite
D. Bacteriostat

Answer : Disinfectant

50. Select the pair which has the same relationship as the pair Spider : Web
A. Ink : Pen
B. Poet : Poetry
C. Cock : Hen
D. Teacher : Student

Answer : Poet : Poetry

51. Vitamin B1 is also known as
A. Nicacin     B. Thiamine     C. Riboflavin     D.Pyridoxin

Answer : Thiamine

52. A bag contain Rs 90, comprising 50 paisa, 25 paisa and 10 paisa coins.
A. 80     B. 120     C. 100     D. 135

Answer :

53. In a certain code language, '479' means "fruit is sweet", '248' means "very sweet voice" and
"637" means "eat fruit daily". Which digit stands for "is" in that language
A. 4     B. 7     C. 9     D. 8

Answer : 7

54. A and B can do a job in 72 days. B and C can do the same job in 120 days, and A and C can do the same job in 90 days. In how many days will all the three take to complete the job
A. 80 days
B. 100 days
C. 60 days
D. 150 days

Answer :

55. If gut motility is increase then
A. Drug absorption is decreased
B. Drug absorption is increased
C. Drug absorption is not affected
D. Nothing definite can be said

Answer : Drug absorption is increased

56. Name the indian participant in Miss world 2014 competition
A. Vanya Mishra
B. Priyana chopra
C. Koyal Rana
D. Navneet kaur Dhillon Mireia Lalaguna of Spain

Answer : Koyal Rana is the Top 11th place
  • Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss ( South Aftrica )
  • Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna ( Spain ) First Miss world
57. An energy consuming process by which cells of the human body absorb molecule ( such as proteins) by engulfing them is called....
A. Lipid diffusion
B. Aqueous diffusion
C. Exocytosis
D. Endocytosis

Answer :

58. If the IQ of a child is 45, in which category of Mental Retardation will he be categorised

A. Mild mental retardation
B. Moderate mental retardation
C. Severe mental retardation
D. Profound mental retardation

Answer :

59. Data ( Information ) is stored in computers in the form of
A. Files
B. Directories
C. Floppies
D. Matter

Answer : Files

60. The device primarily used to provide a hard copy is the
A. Hard disk
C. Printer
D. Card Reader

Answer : Printers

61. If the cost price of 10 chairs is equal to the selling price of 16 chairs, then the loss percent is
A. 37.5%
B. 20%
C. 9.6%
D. 17.5%

Answer ;

62. Out of four numbers, the average of first 3 is 15 and the average of the last 3 is 16. If the last number is 19, the first number is
A. 19     B. 15     C. 16     D 18

63. CAD stands for
A. Computer Aided Design
B. Computer Algorithm for design
C. Computer applications for design
D. None of these

Answer : Computer Aided Design

64, Kalyani is the mother in law of Veena, who is sister-in-law of Ashok. Dheeraj is the father of Sandeep, the only brother of Ashok. How is Kalyani related to Ashol
A. Mother-in-law
B. Mother
C. Aunt
D. Wife

Answer :

65. Still birth rate includes babies dead after
A. 20 weeks
B. 24 weeks
C. 28 weeks
D. 32 weeks

Answer : 20 weeks

66. In which organ does the maximum absorption of iron take place
A. Stomach
B. Small intestine
C. Colon
D. Liver

Answer : Small Intestine

Note : The portion of the small intestine called the duodenum is the chief area where iron absorption takes place. There may be a second minor absorption site near the end of the small intestinal tract.

67. A man sold an article at a loss of 20%. If he had sold it for Rs 50 more, he would have gained 5%. The cost price of the article was

A. Rs. 250
B. Rs. 300
C. Rs. 180
D. Rs. 200

Answer :

68. Entomology is the science that studies

A. Behaviour of human beings
B. Insects
C. Behaviour of ants
D. Formation of rocks

Answer : Insects

69. In which state is the Tehri Hydro electric project located
A. Himachal Pradesh
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Uttaranchal
D. Bihar

Answer : Uttaranchal

70. Which of the following types of dances is essentially as solo dance
A. Kuchipudi
B. Manipuri
C. Kathak
D. Mohiniattam

Answer : Kathak

71. Select the pair which has the same relationship as the pair Iodine : Goitre
A. Mango - Anemia
B. Insulin - Diabetes
C. Hormones - Cancer
D. Fat - Obesity

Answer : Insulin - Diabtets

72. The simple interest on a certain sum at a rate of 5% per annum for 3 years and 4 yeras differs by Rs 42. The sum is
A. Rs. 210
B. Rs. 280
C. Rs. 750
D. Rs. 840

Answer :

73. lavani is a
A. Marathi Folk song
B. Muscial instrument
C. Indian language
D. None of these

Answer : Marathi Folk Song

74. A 150 metre long train crosses a 500 metre long bridge in 30 seconds. What time will it take to cross a platform 370 metre long

A. 36 seconds
B. 30 Seconds
C. 24 Seconds
D. 18 Seconds

Answer :

75. The average age of a husband and wife is 23 years at the beginning of their marriage. After five years they have a one year old child. The average a age of the family of three, when their child was born is
A. 23 years
B. 18 years
C. 24 Years
D. 20 Years

Answer :

76. The central point in Ashoka's dharma was

A. Royalty to kings
B. Peace and Non-violence
C. Respect to elders
D. Religious toleration

Answer : Religious toleration

77. The 'p' wave on the electrocardiogram corresponds to
A. Atrial depolarization
B. Atrial repolarization
C. Ventrical depolarization
D. Ventrical repolarization

Answer : Atrial depolarization

78. Who will take over as Director of the Intelligence Bureau in India from Jan 1, 2015 onwards
A. Arun Majundar
B. Nehchal Sandhu
C. Syed Asif Ibranhim
D. Dineshwar Sharma

Answer :

79. Commonest Cause of neonatal morbidity in india is
A. Diarrhoeal diseases
B. Birth injuriers
C. Congenital anomalies
D. Prematurity and low birth weight

Answer :

80. The rate of drug absorption is greatest in the
A. Large intestine
B. Stomach
C. Gall baldder
D. Small Intestine

Answer :

81. The process of taking food into the digestion
A. Ingestion
B. Propulsion
C. Digestion
D. Elimination

Answer :

82. A computer program which translates one program instruction at a time into machine language is called
B. Computer
C. Simulator
D. Interpreter

Answer :

83. Which colour of light has the longest wavelength
A. Violet
B. Blue
C. Red
D. Green

Answer :

84. Which of the following is significantly different between human and cow's milk
A. Proteins and fat
B. Proteins and sugar
C. Proteins and lactose
D. Minerals

Answer :

85. After menopause in women the chances of her developing osteoporosis increase because of
A. Decrease in oestrogen levels
B. Increase in oestrogen levels
C. Decrease in LH levels
D. Decrease in FSH levels

Answer :

86. In a certain code, APRIL is written as BQSJM. What is the word whose code is HSFFO

Answer :

87. Find the missing term :
PART : TRAP : : POTS :_______.

Answer :

88. Which of these is an example of a neurotransmitter
A. Only Dopamine
B. Only Norepinephrine
C. Only Acetylcholine
D. All of these

89. The reason why lipstick and nail-polish is removed before surgery is
A. Surgery become easier
B. Surgery becomes more sucessful
C. Psychological benefits to the patient
D. Cyanosis is checked

Answer ;

90. Which of the following is a main side effect of an Intra-Uterin Device
A. Vaginal Bleeding
B. Pelvic inflammatory disease
C. Uterine perforation
D. Ectopic pregnancy

Answer :

91. Which of the following are the fastest, biggest and most expensive computers
A. Personal computers
B. Super Computers
C. Laptops
D. Notebook PCs

Answer : Super Computers

92. 3 men or 5 women can do a job in 12 days. How long will 6 men and 5 women working logether take to complete the job
A. 4 days
B. 5 days
C. 6 days
D. 7 days

Answer :

93. Most drugs have a molecular weight between
A. 1 - 10
B. 10 - 100
C. 250 - 350
D. Greater than 500

Answer :

94. The main function of kidney is to
A. Eliminate oxygen
B. Regulate fluid balance and removing waste products
C. Metabolise vitamins
D. Eliminate carbon dioxide

Answer :

95. Different seasons are formed because
A. Sun is moving around the earth
B. Earth is moving around the sun
C. Earth rotates on its own axis
D. None of these


96. A man started walking with his back towards the sun. After sometime, he turned left, then he turned right and then towards the left again. In which direction is he going now ?
A. North and South
B. East or West
C. North and West
D. South or West

Answer :

97. Barack obama will become the______ President of America to participate in india's Republic Day celebrations on Jan 26, 2015.
A. Second
B. First
C. Third
D. None of these

Answer :

98. A sailor goes 12 km downstream in 48 minutes and returns in 1 hr and 20 minutes. the speed of the sailor in still water is
A. 12 km/hr
B. 12.5 kh/hr
C. 13 km/hr
D. 15 km/hr

Answer :

99. The speed of  a boat along the stream is 12 km/hr and against the stream is 8 km/hr. The time taken by the boat to sail water is
A. 2 hours
B. 24 hours
C. 3 hours
D. 1.2 hours

Answer :

100. If X is the brother of son Y s son, how is X related to Y
A. Son
B. Brother
C. Cousin
D. Grandson

Answer :

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