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Myocardial Infarction

Myocardial Infarction

Causes :

Gender : 
-Males are get the MI more than females. 
-Because Female hormones protects from myocardial infarction upto 10 - 50 years. 

Age :
Plaque formation starts in the womb of mother.
- Males 
- Females from the age of 10 - 50 years they have a less chances to get MI
-After 50 years or post menopausal females may got the chances of MI more.

lack of Sleep : Minimum 8 hours sleep is required Per day.
Consumption of alcohol
Genetic factors 
Family History
Chronic Disorders like DM and HTN.
Over age 

Lack Of Exercises : 

Important Points :
  • Plaque formation starts in the womb of mother.
  • People who have diabetic mellitus they may not have the myocardial infraction sympotms.
  • Unstable Angina leads to myocardial infraction.
  • When accumulation is more than 60% the angioplasty done.


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