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Sample Staff Nurse Question Paper - 10

Sample Staff Nurse Question Paper - 10

1.Major route of transmission of Hepatitis A is
(a) Facco oral route 
(b) parentral route 
(c) sexual transmission 
(d) perinatal transmission
Answer : A

2. Vaccine vial monitor is present on which of these vaccines
(a) BCG 
(b) DPT 
(c) OPV 
(d) Measles 
Answer : B

3. Immunity after Hepatitis A lasts for
(a) 6 months 
(b) 1 year 
(c) 6 years 
(d) life long
Answer : A

4. Following methods destroy vibrio cholerae except
(a) boiling 
(b) drying 
(c) bleaching powder 1 mg/L 
(d) cresol 
Answer : D

5. Best method of collecting choleric stools for diagnosis is by
(a) rectal catheter
(b) rectal swab
(c) disinfected stool 
(d) all of the above 
Answer : A

6. All are vaccines included under the Universal Immunization Programme except
(a) diphtheria 
(b) pertussis 
(c) measles 
(d) MMR 
Answer : C

7. The MTP act was passed in the year
(a) 1975
(b) 1971 
(c) 1986
(d) 2000
Answer : B

8. All are Anti Rabies vaccine currently used in Kerala except
(a) chick embryo cell vaccine 
(b) human diploid cell vaccine 
(c) vero cell vaccine 
(d) neural tissue vaccine
Answer : C

9. Annual Parasitic incidence is used to measure the problem of
(a) Filariasis 
(b) Dengue fever 
(c) Malaria 
(d) Japanese encephalitis 
Answer : A

10. The causative organism of plague is
(a) Y pestis
(b) R. Prowazeki 
(c) Coryne bacterium 
(d) Arbovirus 
Answer : A

11. Which of these is a Conventional Contraceptive
(a) Combined pill 
(b) IUD 
(c) Condom 
(d) Mini pill
Answer : C

12. Which of these insecticides is used as a space spray
(a) paris green 
(b) abate 
(c) pyrethrum 
(d) mineral oil 
Answer : C

13. Chemical ideally used for disinfecting sputum is
(a) cresol 
(b) dettol 
(c) savlon 
(d) phenol
Answer : A

14. Census is carried out at regular intervals of
(a) 5 years 
(b) 10 years 
(c) 7 years
(d) 15 years
Answer : B

15. Vaccine carrier should ideally have number of ice packs
(a) 1
(b) 2 
(c) 3 
(d) 4
Answer : D

16. The dose of elemental iron in Folifer tablet given to pregnant women under the RCH programme is
(a) 60 mg 
(b) 80 mg 
(c) 50 mg 
(d) 100 mg
Answer : C

17. Sanitary latrine should be located at least …. feet from source of contamination
(a) 15 
(b) 25 
(c) 50 
(d) 75
Answer : D

18. For calculating Bacterial index in Leprosy a minimum of ….. sites should be examined
(a) 4 
(b) 6 
(c) 7 
(d) 9
Answer : C

19. Number of Tetanus toxoid doses to be given to an antenatal mother with last child birth 2 years back is
(a) 2 
(b) 1 
(c) 3 
(d) none
Answer : C

20. As per the Birth and Deaths Registration Act all births are to be registered with in a period of
(a) 7 days
(b) 14 days 
(c) 21 days 
(d) 1 month
Answer : C


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