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M.Sc Nursing Entrance Sample Question Paper - 03

M.Sc Nursing Entrance Sample Question Paper - 03

01. W.H.O day is celebrated on
a. 7th April
b. 7th May
c. 7th February
d. 1st December

Answer : 7th April

02. Extra energy allowance needed per day during pregnancy
a. 150 K. Calories
b. 200 K. Calories
c. 300 K. Calories
d. 500 K. Calories

Answer : 300 K. Calories

03. Which of the following is spread by aedesmosquito
a. Dengue fever
b. Enteric fever
c. Malaria fever
d. Viral fever

Answer : Dengue fever

04. Floating tip of iceberg of disease represents
a. Clinical cases
b. Undiagnosed cases
c. Carries
d. Incubation period

Answer : Clinical cases

05. A subcentre in hilly area caters to
a. 8000 population
b. 3000 population
c. 1000 population
d. 5000 population

Answer : 1000 population

06. Causative organism of AIDS is
a. Orthmyxo virus
b. Retro virus
c. Rhabdo virus
d. Paramyxo virus

Answer : Retro virus

07. The process of modifying individual behaviour through experiance is called
a. Learning
b. Transfer of learning
c. Extinction
d. Spontaneous recovery

Answer : Transfer of learing

08. The mental image that represents a generalised idea about something is called
a. Problem
b. Thinking
c. Concepts
d. Perception

Answer : Thinking

09. A state of tension or arousal produced by need is called
a. Drive 
b. Motive
c. Instincts 
d. Conflict

Answer : Motive

10. Tendency to harm or hurt others either physically or psychologically is called 
a. Achievement motive
b. Aggression motive
c. Material motive
d. Power motive

Answer : Aggression motive

11. Hypothesis which the researcher tries to disapprove is
a. Research hypothesis
b. Null hypthesis
c. Alternate Hypothesis
d. Hypthesis

Answer : Null hypothesis

12. Reliability of a research instrument means
a. Measures what it needs to measure
b. Measures consistently
c. Measures everything
d. Standardised

Answer : Standardised

13. Best method of describing variability is
a. Mean
b. Median
c. Mode
d. Standard deviation

Answer : Standard deviation

14. Most objective means of obtaining new knowledge is through
a. Trial and error
b. Scientific research
c. Authority figure
d. Traditions

Answer : Scientific Research

15. The plan how a study will be conducted is called as
a. Design
b. Hypothesis
c. Data collection method
d. Research process

Answer : Design

16. The final step of the research process for the researchers is
a. Analyse the data
b. Interpret the data
c. Conclude the findings
d. Utilize the findings

Answer : Utilize the findings

17. Collecting data from a sample to determine the characterstics of population purpose of which type of research
a. Correlational
c. Methodological
d. Quasi experimental

Answer : Survey

18. Which form of reasoning is the process of drawing a specific conclusion from a set of premises
a. Rationalism
b. Deductive reasoning
c. Inductive reasoning
d. Probabilistic

19. Which of the following is not true about the characteristics of good research
a. Orderly and systemic process
b. Conducted using large amount of funds
c. Finding solution problem
d. Begin with clearly defined purposes

Answer : Conducted using large amount of funds

20. Rema is admitted in psychiatric ward, refused to eat breakfast by stating that the food is poisoned. this knd of response is an example of
a. Hallucination
b. Illusion
c. Delusion
d. Empathy

Answer : Delusion

21. A client stated that "people get angry and take it out on me". This sentense indicate which defence mechanism
a. Dental
b. Prjection
c. Displacement
d. Intellectualization

Answer : Dental

22. Chronic alcoholic patients are treated initially by
a. Use of paraldehyd
b. Use of Tranquilizers
c. Providing high protein diet
d. IM injection of Thiamine

Answer : B

23. The most important factor in a therapeutic relationship is
a. Trust
b. Knowledge
c. Professionalism
d. Motivating

Answer : Trust

24. A person who is aloof, isolated and does not socialize, fall into which of the following category
a. Withdrawn
b. Anxious
c. Aggressive
d. Obsessive

Answer : Withdrawn

25. Finding a logical reason for the things that one wants to do "Sour grapes" mechanism is
a. Projection
b. Rationalization
c. Identification
d. Sublimation

Answer : Identification


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