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Hospital Full Face Mask

Hospital Full Face Mask
( Non Invasive Ventilation Vented / Non Vented )

Uses :

Hospital Full Mask is intended for use at Home Or Hospital by patients on pressure support ventilation.

Insturctions :

Read the instructions completely.
Inspect the mask for damage or defect. Do not use if damaged.

Warnings :

Follow all precautions when using supplemental oxygen. Oxygen flow must be turned off when the flow generator is not operating.

Use the mask as prescribed by the physician. It should be used together with the appropriate flow generator/pressure support ventilator equipment to ensude optimum therapy.

While every care has been taken to ensure best quality Non-toxic medicalgrade material however incase of Any adverse reaction discontinue the use of the mask and infor your physician/supplier immediately.

Do not use this mask unless your flow generator / pressure support ventilator is turned on and operating properly.

Safety Features :

Extra comfort headgear with quick release connectors allow fast and convenient application or removal of mask by the patient form his patient.

Asssembeling Instructions :

01. Place headgear with velcro side down on a flat surface, detach 2 velcro on A1 AND A2.

02. Identify headgear fastening positions on the mask.

03. Pull the upper headgear scrap A1 through the slot B1 on the mask, making sure the velcro faces outward.

04. Fasten the velcro tape.

05. Pull the headgear strap A2 through the slot B2 on the mask, making sure the velcro faces outward.

06. Fasten the velcro taps.

07. Place the headgear over your head and adjust both upper headgear straps to a comfortable tension.

08. Hook the plastic buckle A3 onto B3 and A4 onto B4 on mask frame.

09. Adjust again both upper headgear straps A1 & A2 to a comfortable tension.

10. Adjust again both lower headgear scraps A3 & A4 to a comfortable tension.

11. Making sure the overhead strap is in proper position to avoid slipping down.

Adjustment of Hospital Full Face Mask :

          To readjust the mask, simply pull 2 upper head straps and refix. Repeat the step with the bottom chick straps.

Removing of Hospital Full Face Mask :

          To remove the mask and headgear, simply unbuckle both buckles from the mask frame and pull the upper head strap away from the head.

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