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Subcutaneous Injection

Subcutaneous Injection

Purpose :

01.To administer vaccines, preoperative medications, insulin, heparin.

Equipment :

·        Subcutaneous syringe & needles of gauze No 25, 26, 27 & 3/8-5/8 inch length.
·        Container with clean cotton swabs.
·        Container With spirit 70%.
·        Distilled water ampoules.
·        Drug.
·        Kidney Tray.
·        A bowl with pad & water.
·        Towel.

Procedure :

01. Check the order. 
02. Assemble the equipment.
03. Explain to the patient.
04. Make the patient sit up or lie down.
05. Select the medication & check for expiry date.
06. Moisten the cotton swab with spirit & wipe the rubber cap of the vial.
07. Pick up the syringe from sterile mizor holding the flange.
08. Fix the wide bore needle firmly on to the syringe by holding the hub of the needle.
09. Draw 0.5 – 1ml of the drug.
10. Change to finger gauge needle.
11. Select the site & clean with the spirit swab.
12. Expel the air from the syringe.
13. Introduce the needle bevel side up at 45 – 90 degree angle by lifting th   
      subcutaneous tissue.
14. Inject the drug slowly.
15. Withdraw the needle and apply spirit swab over the site, do not massage the site.
16. Observe for any reactions.
17. Record in the chart.
18. Rinse the syringe & needle with water & place in a bowl or discard the uncapped 
      needle in needle destroyer.

Important Points :

A. Common Sites for subcutaneous injections are outer aspect of the upper arm and 
     anterior aspect of the thigh, other areas are abdomen where insulin is absorbed       
     more  rapidly than limb sites, scapular areas of upper back, upper venterogluteal 
     and dorsogluteal areas.

B. Use 5/8 needle for adults at 45 degree or use ½ inch needle at 90 degrees or 3/8 
     needle for children or 1 inch needle for obese adults.

C. Hold the subcutaneous tissue between thumb and forefinger if 2 inches tissue is 
     held insert at 45 degrees.


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